Thursday, 12 January 2017

Claire Organics

Claire is a beautiful brand with a story starting with how a mother wanted to create skincare that is natural and safe for her daughter named Nora Claire. I think that the story behind the brand is sweet.

Since it was my first foray into the brand, I wanted to try just a few items but had really high hopes that it would be a brand I love and return to time and again. So the three items I picked out were with the assistance of a sales person at the booth inside Publika Shopping Mall.

First up is the Claire Lavender Rosemary Hair & Scalp Treatment Oil. It promises to revitalise hair growth, anti-dandruff, treats hair loss, split ends, tames frizzy or tangled hair.

There is a Clary Sage Hair & Scalp Treatment Oil if you don't like the scent of lavender. The two are slightly different in nature in what they can help with, I was advised to pick the lavender version which I have no issue with since I love the scent of lavender.

There is 50ml of the product and even though I am very heavy handed, the product is lasting a good amount of time. The product comes housed in a glass bottle and has a pump rather than a dropper style bottle like the Aesop Sage & Cedar Scalp Treatment and The Natural Bar Scalp Treatment Oil that has been changed to The Natural Bar Anti-Frizz Hair Serum. I like the dispensation of this oil as it is easier to handle and control.

There are also quite a few lotion balms available but I decided to pick up something that would work as an all-round emergency balm. Enter the Claire Healing Balm which is also Anti-Acne and Anti-Eczema! It also treats an array of skin issues such as burns, cuts, itchiness, prickly heat, insect bites etc. I thought I really could use having this in my bag!

To use it, just warm the balm up with your finger and apply as necessary. There is menthol in the product so don't go near your eyes with it. Apart from that, I find it actually soothes any itch or cuts I have had so yes it is a handy little addition to my bag.

The real reason I went to Claire was because I wanted a mosquito repellent and this one is natural and I had read about it in magazines. I had to head  down to Singapore and there was a worry about Zika at that moment, so I armed up with the Claire Bug Off! Mosquito Repellant.

The mosquito repellant comes in two forms, in a tin such as the Healing Balm above, and in a roll-on stick as presented here. I picked this because I think it is easier to just get it on without messing about my fingers and not being able to touch up on my makeup or be afraid of accidentally blinding myself with this.

The product smells like your typical mosquito repellant but somewhat fresher. I rather enjoyed having it and felt safe and protected. It does wear off and I have always felt that mosquito repellant works and once it starts wearing off, the mosquitoes are attracted to you at that point.

So far, my experience with Claire has been nothing short of great. If you fancy trying out some products yourself,  stay tune because on Saturday I have something special for you so check back for the update!

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