Sunday, 20 May 2018

Canmake Eyeshadow Palette

Canmake is a famous Japanese brand which offers all sorts of makeup but these are the popular items within the range and you can also purchase this in Guardian/Sasa in Malaysia.

We have the Canmake Perfect Multi Eyes in 03 and the Canmake Perfect Stylist Eyes in 14.

Starting off with the Canmake Perfect Multi Eyes in 03, all the shades are satin matte and there is nothing glittery here. The shades all blend beautifully and play nicely with one another. I really like the brown on the top right, as well as the reddish brown on the bottom left. I also really enjoy the tiny pan of dark brown to give more definition.

The shades are sheer, which is how Japanese like to wear their eyeshadows, just a wash of colour rather than a really bold eye. The offerings from Canmake are already more pigmented than your usual Japanese eyeshadows. You can build these up but I think the soft shadow look is actually very flattering.

There is a difference from eyeshadows that do not have much pigment when they are supposed to, and eyeshadows that are deliberately made to give soft pigment. They blend better and do not seem chalky. Did you also notice that there is a tiny strip or mirror for emergency touch ups?

Then we have the Canmake Perfect Stylist Eyes in 14 which also has a little strip of mirror at the top when you open up the compact. I will admit that I have not used any of the brushes included as I just prefer my full size eyeshadow brushes.

I was not sure about how I felt about this palette because the shades look quite red and purple. I like purples and warmer browns but without a real transitional shade, I had no idea how to use this.

I think that the eyeshadows are a lot more wearable than they appear in the pan. Almost all the shades (bar the 4th one swatched) are satin/shimmery. 

The dark purple is my favourite and even the middle shade (swatched at the top as the glittery shadow) is really pretty in the centre of the lids.

I think for me, I hands down prefer the Canmake Perfect Multi Eyes in 03 because it is more wearable in my opinion. However, I am pleased to have picked up the Canmake Perfect Stylist Eyes in 14 because it took me out of my comfort zone and I think it still creates a really pretty look!

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