Sunday, 17 August 2014

Aesop sage & cedar scalp treatment

I never used to be a fan of Aesop, solely on huge fact that the items were so expensive.
I knew friends who were big fans and avid lovers of the classic packaging and amazing product, but I did not love the fact that most things were in jars as I prefer my products to come in a pump or tube packaging in general.

One item has changed my entire perception of Aesop as a brand, and that is the Sage & Cedar Scalp Treatment.

I went to purchase this again for Malaysia because I wanted to save my other bottle for usage in the uk and I knew I loved this.
More specifically, my scalp loves this.

If you have read my blog from the beginning, you might know that I struggle with sensitive scalp which reacts to pretty much everything.
Aveda as a brand has been a lifesaver but this Aesop treatment is gorgeous. 
I never want to be without it.

The lady at bangsar village 2 was very helpful and I picked up a free sample of the oil-free hydrating serum

The skin care in uk and in Malaysia is vastly different.
Everywhere in uk you see fake tan and bronzers while in Malaysia, whitening products take lead.
SPF protection from Japan and Korea are also rampant and readily available.
There is a preference of foam cleansers to balms and oils, which is understandable, given the humidity and weather.

I stick to cleansing, exfoliating toner, misting a floral water and then moisturising. I forgot to bring a serum home but will probably have that step added in when I am back in uk.

What is your skin dare routine or philosophy?

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