Saturday, 16 August 2014

Handheld liquids for a 7+8 hours flight

The title of this post probably confuses you, but 7+8 was due to my long flight being split into two flights.

I flew 7 hours to Doha, had a two hour layover and continued 8 hours home!

Since packing for a long flight means having a luggage, so my handheld bag had different liquids to normal travelling for me (which is just a handheld bag so all liquids must fit in)

Here is everything I took on my little bag from muji which I talked about in my previous post HERE and HERE. It is amazing and I highly recommend getting it!
You can get it from Muji HERE and it is the Large 19.5cm x 19.5cm TPU pouch.
I have traveled with it within EU and overseas so I can assure you that it is usable at all airports.
The zip top is particularly handy because it does not cause an overflow of product unlike the zip-lock

I'll start with makeup since I don't actually have that much makeup in this bag because I have most of it in my suitcase.

Tarte concealer - love this. I use this in place of foundation just before I touched down.

NARS matte multiple in Laos - a bit of colour to the skin and I looked alive again 

Benefit They're Real Push up liner & Eyeko skinny liner (trial size) - did not end up using eyeliner on the flight

Collection 2000 (now collection) lip cream puff and Chanel lip gloss - for a little bit of colour and shine 

Benefit porefessional - did not use this 

YSL Touché Éclat - a little bit of highlighter always looks good, but especially when one is tired after a long flight

Bobbi brown mascara - I ended up not using this but using a Givenchy mascara I just purchased! 

Now onto eye stuff

I brought along 4 pairs of dailies and used a pair but had extras just in case.

I also brought a contact lens case but did not use it.

Along with that I brought 3 eye drops in case my eyes got really tired. I did take off my lenses after boarding and pop fresh ones towards the end of my second flight.

I also had a Clarins eye mask to soothe and de puff my eyes during the flight.

Most of my skincare routine was caudalie as I pretty much brought it all along.

Caudalie organic grape water - life saver, I used this most of the way and kept sprinting my face and it felt glorious

Caudalie cleansing milk - washed my face with this at Doha when we landed

crest toothpaste - keeping the teeth clean 

caudalie micellar water - taking make up off with this and some wipes

Caudalie cream - this is for dry skin and I liked it on my skin during the flight. I would not use this on a daily basis but it was excellent on flight

Caudalie polyphenol serum - this is rung out and I am finishing it up on the return flight to uk. It helped my skin stay hydrated and protected against the harsh dry air on board.

Caudalie moisturising sorbet - had a sample and used this under make up

Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream - this is also in my travel kit and I used it as a lip balm

Clinique overnight moisture surge mask - used this the night I landed home to bring back moisture to my skin after all the travelling 

Shu uemura cleansing oil - brought this along just in case

NUXE dry oil - did not use this

Caudalie divine oil - I love this very much and I used a tiny bit for my hair and face but more because it smells glorious.

I also brought along 3 perfumes. Trish McEvoy number 7, loccitane rose roll on perfume and philosophy amazing grace.
I did not end up using any perfume on flight or after I landed!

As you can see, I did not use many of the things I planned to use on the flight but I had space in the bag so there was no reason not to bring it just in case.

What are your travel essentials?

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