Saturday, 14 January 2017

Claire Organics (Discount Code in post)

You've heard about Claire Organics, but today I have an extra special treat for you!

If you make an order, it comes in a box, all nicely packaged up which makes it feel really special!

The products are securely pakcaged in bubble wrap so that you don't have to worry about them breaking on the way.

If you wanted to know more about the company, it was founded in 2012 and you can see a lot from their instagram or just check out the hashtag #claireorganics on instagram.

I like it when a little leaflet has so much information but is printed on a readable way and font. Of course, these are all on the website as well. There tends to be seasonal items as well and the snowflake soaps for December were so beautiful!

There are a variety of soaps on top of the other items and you can either purchase these items online or in the 6 stores. If you happen to be in West Malaysia, you can also get 10% off when you spend above RM50 if you use the code CLAIRE10. However, you may want to read on!

The Claire Calming Lavender Face & Body Oil is such a lovely smelling product. I love lavender scents when they are done right and this just smells incredible. I tend to use it on my upper body because it smells so nice and just any random body lotion on my legs, except when they feel extra dry. I have tried this on my face and while it is nice and obviously smells incredible, I prefer it on my body.

I had previously spoken of the Claire Bug Off! Mosquito Repellant, which I enjoy. I think I will pop this in for a friend because it is an excellent product in my opinion but I have not finished mine so it is best to gift this while it is fresh.

The Claire Healing Balm is another must have in handbags. I find that this is good for any minor skin issues and I like that it is a natural remedy which is easy to pop on.

Claire Shea Butter Lip Balm has a SPF4 protection which to me is so low that it is almost negligible. It is a nice stick balm which when you smooth on makes your lips instantly feel soothed. I feel that almost all lip balms have the effect but stick style lip balms are the least messy and given a choice, organic and natural products for lip balm is my preference because we eat a lot of our lip product so I figured I should try and go "natural".

Finally we have this Claire French Sea Salt Rose Hips Scrub and a little spoon to scoop it all out.

I like that the Claire French Sea Salt Rose Hips Scrub comes in a glass jar with a bow. The actual scrub smells like fresh roses. If you don't like roses, there are a few other scents available and there is a facial scrub available as well. This one is for your body! The salt is not too scrubby but it is by no means a wishy washy scrub as well.

I absolutely love that Claire has a little spoon in this box for me to scoop out the scrub. You definitely do not need a specific spoon. I tend to just use my hands to scoop out the product. However having a specific spoon makes the whole experience so much more relaxing and special!

Now for the extra treat! If you fancy trying Claire Organics now is the perfect time because if you use the code "CHERRIE15" you will have 15% off until 27.1.2017.

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