Friday, 3 June 2016

Illamasqua haul

There was a sale on illamasqua so I hopped on the site and got it all delivered all the way to Malaysia. Crazy, I know.

As you can see I actually picked up quite a few items.

The biggest purchase was this Multi Facet Palette is Aura and this might be my favourite purchase.

The cream highlighter is all sorts of gorgeous and it is quite subtle but looks like "my skin is naturally like this" rather than "I put highlighter on". The blush is the beautiful sort of baby pink that I personally love. The contour, I would like to repurchase. The eyebrow cake is a good colour but I am so lazy with using cake products for my eyebrows. The eyeshadows are nice.

Here are all of it swatched - highlighter, blush, contour, 4 eyeshadows and eyebrow cake.

I also picked up these two nail polishes in Speckle and Lament. I actually chose another colour but they were out of stock by the time my shipping came. Speckle was not as great as it just looked dirty on me but Lament was pretty much fluorescent peach and actually looked really good! The lasting power is not super long but it was not disappointing either.

I picked up two lip glosses and they have brush applicators which are not my favourite, but I don't mind it too much. Although labelled as lip glosses, these are more like liquid lipsticks as the pigmentation is incredible.

Swatched on my arm, if you want to see more, I actually have an in-depth swatch and review post HERE.

Here is a look at the Vintage Metallix in Courtier that I picked up. I already have it in another shade but this is so pretty that I could not resist.

These are actually more emolient than most cream eyeshadows but they have good lasting power, even more so if you use an eyeshadow primer underneath.

Here I have swatched it next to the illamasqua symbol (left of it) and you can see that it is actually quite neutral but shimmery.

Lastly I picked up the Precision Ink in Havoc which is like an aubergine/maroon red.

Not my favourite applicator, I prefer pen style, but this has a long enough handle that it is easy to use as well.

The illamasqua symbol is actually drawn on with the Precision Ink. As you may be able to tell from the photo, the ink is quite dark but just not black. I love black liner but sometimes I like a bit of variation and this looks pretty. Reviews have complained about flaking but so far I do not have any problems with this. In fact, I really like it.

Overall, I am very impressed with illamasqua and I am kicking myself a little for not checking out the range while I was still in uk. Their make up is really good and when on sale the prices are really good. I recommend checking the range out if you have a counter near you!

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