Tuesday, 24 May 2016

All About Lips #105

This is actually a Tony Moly lipstick which Bob received due to her various purchases and she passed it on to me because of the colour.

Before we go into that, can we just look at how cute the packaging is on this!

I particularly love that the ribbon matches the actual lipstick colour and I think that it is really cute. Not one usually for cute packaging and preferring more sophisticated packaging, I do have a soft spot for this.

Here is a swatch of the product and it is quite matte with just a hint of sheen. It was quite dry to apply and not my favourite.

Personally, this is not a good colour on me whatsoever. I guessed as much looking at the lipstick bullet but still wanted to review it for you guys. It is not a dead matte but it is quite dry to apply which I am surprised.  

Overall, I will not recommend the lipsticks with this packaging (from this range). If you have a different experience, do let me know!

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