Friday, 27 May 2016

empties #25

If you think this is all of this month's empties, I wouldn't blame you for this thought. Except this is only skincare. Granted, it is the biggest pile of them all!

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil smells really strongly of olive oil. It works hard and really slices through make up. I am impressed but I am not the biggest fan of the scent. Will I repurchase? Potentially.

Senka Perfect Watery Oil makes my eyes sting and is really watery. It is decent but I prefer the DHC Deep Cleansing Oil.

Wei Chinese Rose Foaming Cleanser is actually really nice and the rose scent is lovely as opposed to granny-ish. I enjoyed this but I try not to use foam cleansers. I did not find this drying on the skin but I am wary as I have dehydrated skin.

Senka Perfect Whip Foam is quite fun to use and really foams up. I think it contributed to the dehydration in my skin so I have stopped using it.

Shu Uemura Porefinist Cleansing Oil is nice but I prefer the Anti-Oxi (green) one. It is really lightweight and rinses clean (but I always use a face towel).

Yours Truly Organics Fix me! Serum has quite a few oils in its ingredient list but is really runny like a serum. There is plenty of product in the sachet and I used it for 5 uses and had plenty to apply all the way down my chest! It is a nice product and I am quite pleased that I have a few more sachets of this.

Ole Henriksen Sheer Transformation just felt like a really lightweight moisturiser that gave me too much shine. It is almost odd because I expect something so lightweight to be really lightweight on the skin but it was just too much on. I did not get along with this sadly.

Ole Henriksen truth serum collagen booster is a different story. This smells like chocolate orange and I loved using this. In fact, I have another sample and I am still using this because it is really lovely for mornings!

Rodial Bee Venom Moisturiser felt nice when I used it but the sample sachet was tiny and I really had to squeeze out hard to get anything at all. I don't know how I feel about bee venom in my skincare so probably will pass.

Verso Day Cream is quite creamy. I would not go to the extent of saying thick but it is substantial but it melts on the skin and has quite a unique scent which is very pleasant. I really like this but the full price moisturer is not within my means.

The GlamGlow Brightmud Eye Treatment is meant for one usage but I found that each little capsule was enough (maybe even too much) for one application (both eyes!) so I got two uses out of this. It is quite a strong zingy mask and I think it really brightened and perked my eyes, mainly because they were shocked into it. I prefer soothing eye masks.

Caudalie Polyphenol Eye & Lip is pleasant enough but nothing groundbreaking that I would repurchase. I like it for travelling mainly because the applicator and tube is nice and the product is not one to irritate.

The innisfree it's real squeeze mask in cucumber is really pleasant and smells deliciously like fresh cucumbers. The sheet mask also has a cut out for the nose so that the nose is not overly hydrated which I like. I think I will try more masks from innisfree.

The Glamglow Thirstymud Hydrating Treatment works and is a real treat for aftersun but it smells like coconuts and I am one of those people who sees coconut as food and don't like the scent in my skincare as much.

I am really heartbroken that I am binning this but my REN Glycolactic Renewal Mask has gone funny and it does nothing for me anymore. I think it has gone off because the texture has changed and the colour is now deeper. This is a limited edition 15 years bottle but it's goodbye.

This ultrasun anti-aging face sunscreen is actually really good and even on highly sensitised skin, it does not irritate. It does leave a white cast but it's one I use on holidays so I do not mind. I would rather be completely protected. I do not use this everyday for the city.

Another one of my Caudalie Organic Grape Water is done and I still have a great many back ups. I think I might try another mist just to change things up a little though. However this will always be a love.

Finishing off the skincare empties with the miacare acne patch for night. This works to reduce the swelling of acne but does not eradicate them completely. I find it useful but not a necessity. I will not repurchase. 

Moving on to makeup I only have two items - the two eyeliners featured here.

The za liquid eyeliner is a nice brush style applicator but it has started smudging on me recently so I've decided to bin it.

The essence superfine eyeliner is really fine as promised but this is not black enough and it smudges. It is relatively new and I just cannot take smudging so it's goodbye.

The only two items for bodycare are these Veet Wax Strips for Dry Skin and the Andrex Classic Washlets.

The Veet Wax Strips are nice and effective, they have lasted me a long time. This is a repurchase and I  know I will repurchase again in the future.

I have back ups of the Andrex Classic Washlets and they are the nicest but I still use offerings from Sainsbury's and others. These are also flushable so they are very handy.

Haircare is not too much this month but I should have more next month.

This Conditioning Hair Wash is from a random hotel and I used it to wash my brushes. Nothing spectacular to report.

Percy & Reed No Oil Oil is actually a really nice serum but it lists silicones quite high up on the ingredients list. Bob has just bought a full size one so it is a good one.

This hairbrush from Yubiso is not one I like anymore. I prefer just the wet brush as I think this is too abrasive on my scalp. So I'm saying goodbye to this as well.

Finally for these miscellaneous items.

First up is this really random Hampstead Tea because it was actually a birthday gift from my brother and I really liked it.

Next up is another Ikea candle which I plan to freeze and depot so that I can use the glass.

I also have this perfume holder which is similar to travalo but this one isn't as good. Since I prefer a roll-on than a spritz, as well as one which does not magically allow perfume to disappear, this is going into the bin.

Finally we have two nail polishes that are completely gloopy and have to be binned and a finished Boots Nails Strengthening nail polish remover pads. I like the remover pads and will repurchase. They are effective and are very handy for travel.

If you have made it this far, thank you for reading all of this! I hope you found this helpful and I'll try to keep it short and sweet next time!

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