Tuesday, 17 May 2016

All About Lips #104

I don't know why I picked up more lip balms because I have about.... 10 at the moment (and counting) but here's another two to add to the pile.

The Nivea Lovely Lips in Natual Pink is a pretty pinky rosy flush whereas the Mentholatum Water Lip in Peppermint is a clear lip balm.

I prefer the packaging of the Nivea but that's my love for all things long and thin.

I have actually swatched both lip balms but you cannot see the clear lip balm except for a slight sheen on top of the rosy swatch.

The Mentholatum lip balm is really quite intense. If you do not like minty lip balms, stay well clear of it. I quite enjoy the sensation on my lips.

The Nivea lip balm is really pretty and I can just swipe it on without looking but the scent is quite strong and that puts me off. If you have a sensitive nose or you don't like really strong scents, you have been warned!

That is all for this week's lips update, these are not bank breaking but they are alright. I would neither recommend nor dissuade you from buying them.

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