Friday, 20 May 2016

Senka Skincare

I have a really soft spot for minis and think that it is an excellent way to try out new items so when I spotted this travel kit, I picked it up straight away.

Starting off with the Senka Perfectly Watery Oil, this can be used with wet hands because the first ingredient is mineral oil. A lot of Japanese brands have oils which can be used on wet/dry skin which is helpful if you are already in the shower. I found it to sting my eyes compared to the DHC make up remover and the Bioré make up removing oil so I was not super impressed with this. Plus points for cute packaging though.

This Senka Perfect Whip actually reminded me a lot of the Bio-essence Silky Foaming Cleanser with ATP in its texture and it really is very silky. The more water you add, the more foam you can create. Of course there comes a point that it starts washing the product off. It claims to cleanses deep inside pores leaving skin fresh and smooth without drying the skin. My skin did not feel dry after cleansing but I think this is probably not as suitable for drier skin girls and boys. I did recently go for a facial and was told to stop using foam type cleansers because my skin is actually really dehydrated. I cannot say for certain that it was from this cleanser but it might have contributed to the dehydration.

Lastly we have the Senka Hoshitsu Lotion which claims to be a toner + moisturiser in one. It contains Royal Jelly Hyaluronic Acid. I was a little confused by this because it does not feel sufficient and I always follow up with a moisturiser so it almost functions like a serum but feels like an essence to me.

Personally all the items were okay but nothing jumped out to me enough for me to repurchase. What is your experience with Senka?

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