Monday, 16 May 2016

Hada Labo

I've tried a few items out from Hada Labo skincare and I thought I would talk you through some of the products today.

I basically got two different ranges and this is one of them - the AHA + BHA range.

I had two cleansers, passed down from my sister who loves Hada Labo but have left for Canada and it was not exactly feasible to bring all these half used cleansers with her.

The cleanser on the left is a foam type and it foams because of the pump and is really fluffy and very pleasant to use on the face. It rinses off easily with water because of the texture. I tend to use this in the morning because of that. This does not sting and I found it relatively gentle but always used a sunscreen afterwards.

The cleanser on the right is a cream type and it requires a thoroughly wet face to start off and the foam is thicker in nature and requires proper rinsing. This sometimes stings and so I think that it is a more potent formula than the foam type.

Another item I picked up from the range is this Mild Peeling Lotion and it is really very gentle compared to many of the acids I have used to exfoliate my skin. If you are wary of using AHAs and BHAs, this one is a good introduction because it does not irritate my skin or sting. You can "level up" from this afterwards because the results are not as obvious because of how gentle it is.

My favourite cleanser from Hado Labo is actually this one which is targeted at dry skin.  It is not stripping at all and being a cleanser, even though I have normal-combination skin, it was not too heavy. I really like this cleanser.

I also picked up my first bottle of essence to try out and while it is yet another step to your skincare, days which I use this (always as part of my night time routine because I do not have the time in the day), I feel really pampered and the liquid-y yet viscous texture of the essence is very pleasant to put on my face. Did it make an actual difference? It is so hard to tell because I do not really have any qualms with my face and I think that if any difference, it really was minimal.

Those are all my thoughts on the Hada Labo products. They are pricey for products in the drugstore but they are really good, promising products. I hope you find this post helpful!

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