Monday, 1 September 2014

Unii Palette

Now most of you might have read my Unii Palette blog post, and I had plans of purchasing more of these palettes because they really are versatile.

I had a look on google and found a Malaysian seller.
Check Serendipity out HERE

Although online purchases are different in Malaysia, I placed the order, made a bank transfer at a cash machine/ATM and then sent a confirmation to the seller, it was still easy enough to use.

There is a small instruction leaflet, in the form of the cardboard layer outside.

Serendipity sent me a tracking number the next day, and I received the parcel within 5 working days. I cannot confirm the exact date because I have been away, but it was certainly within the timing.

I am very impressed by their service and constant email updates.

The package arrived nicely wrapped up and the Unii palettes in their original box and packaging.
I picked up two colours, and they are lavender and honeysuckle.

Both palettes came with a metal strip to attach to items without a metal base because the whole palette is magnetic.
Here is a picture of the palette opened (big mirrors hello!) with the thumb grips and the metal strips on the palette!

Here is a picture of the back, with car keys as a gauge for size

I bought these at RM80 each and had the RM5 delivery waived due to a promotion.
They normally retail at RM100 with a delivery charge of RM5.

*RM80 = GBP14.5
  RM5 =  <GBP1
  RM100 = GBP18.20 at the current exchange rate of RM5.5 = GBP1

I recommend the sellers Serendipity, just as much as I recommend these Unii Palettes!

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