Sunday, 31 August 2014

August favourites

While I love favourites posts (not as much as empties) it is one of the most difficult posts for me to write.
Being a fickle-minded person, forever trying new things as far as possible, it is hard to stay true to one product.

This month is made slightly easier by the fact that I have hand-picked the items to go home with, and so my collection is drastically lessened, and from here it is further refined to this list.

Mac Face & Body Foundation

This is actually an old favourite, long forgotten amidst all my other foundations.
I chose to bring this home with me rather than the other creams and foundations and I really like that it provides a super sheer coverage.

Dior Lip Reviver Balm
This really is a beautiful product, it moisturises while providing a hint of colour, not overpowering and looking very natural.
I always have this when I am in doubt.

Benefit They're Real Eyeliner

Perhaps with the constant heat and temperature of at least 32 degrees Celcius, this gel pen is really outperforming itself.
I have no problems of it flaking or smudging even in this humidity in Malaysia, and the main difference with the usage in UK is that I do not need to discard the top bit of the eyeliner before each use.
It is always ready and creamy to use, making it an instant winner over my eyeko eyeliner which is already drying out.
I use this to do tiny cat flicks and I love it for that purpose.

Caudalie Organic Grape Water

I love this and I always rave about this and I have recently purchase a big 200ml because I am obsessed with it.

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