Friday, 26 September 2014

Beautiful & a little purchase

Now recently I have moved from Waterloo to Holloway Road and I am very caught up with my education (SO DIFFICULT OMG HELP ME) and I barely have time to blog hence why the daily posts have become so impossible.

The other day I suddenly remembered that I needed to go for a Hollywood wax, which is an all all wax.
I hope I do not need to go into more description than that.

I had a snoop around the internet for beauty salons near Holloway Road and Covent Garden and ended up picking Beautiful Beauty Salon

This little gem along Holloway Road (nearer to Archway than Holloway Road tube station) is right next to the Sainsbury's and is clean, presented well and I had a lovely experience (hence the review now)

I have already mentioned it to friends to try it out because the prices are really decent. These are all available on the website and are separated out to hair removal, skin, body and so on.

There is also an offer of 4 for the price of 3 for facials (under skin) and body treatments!
The prices are cheaper than those of Zone 1 (I had a cheeky peek) and there is a £5 off for first timers if you are referred.
So if you need a referral, do drop me a comment, but it is still a cheaper and really nice place.

I was in and out of the treatment room in less than 10 minutes. AMAZING.

I also bought myself a TendSkin rollerball for £15 at the salon.

Now I know that this may not be the nicest topic to talk about, but ingrown hairs really are not pleasant.

I have used a few scrubs and what not and will do a comparison post once I have tried it enough.

Have any of you lovely readers tried TendSkin in its liquid or rollerball form?

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