Wednesday, 24 September 2014

I have a massive apology to those of you who may have noticed that yesterday's post did not go up at the usual British 1pm.

I could not get the pictures to load and to post it up.

Frankly, I owe a big apology to my readers because I no longer think that I can upkeep this blog in the manner I would like to.

I have just restarted uni, I am doing the Bar Professional Training Course and it is currently week 2 and I am overwhelmed by work.
So much so that I have no time to think about what I want to write about, and I have even less time to actually swatch and take pictures.

It certainly does not help that I am also on a make up ban - ie I am not allowed to buy any new make up, save mascara when I am completely out of the ones I have, because I have enough of everything to last me this whole year.

I will endeavour with my empties posts, which are probably going to be the best posts I get to write since I collect lots of these now.

Favourites might be trickier and allaboutlips will be something I really try to keep to.

Thank you so much for reading thus far. <3

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