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Empties #6

Time for another empties post!


First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads
I like this and it is more gentle than the Peter Thomas Roth acid toner which I also own, but I probably will not repurchase this because that lasts longer.
I do recommend it for first time users as it really is not irritating on skin and is a good introduction to exfoliating acid toners. 

Benzac AC 5
This is a Water-based gel with 5% benzoyl peroxide. It works but is not particularly effective on my skin. I think salicylic acid is better on my spots.

Melvita Damask Rose floral water 
This is my first Melvita product and I carried it home with me to fully utilise its hydrating and regenerating claims. While hard to determine if it actually works, the water is cooling and since it is 200ml in a plastic bottle, it is light and easy enough to carry around in the handbag (it fits easily in the smallest longchamp handbag)
The smell was slightly overpowering to me but if you love roses, you may not find it as such. 
I prefer the Caudalie grape water and as such will not be repurchasing this.

Dermalogica AGE smart multivitamin power firm eye cream
I have owned this product for more than 2 years, mainly due to the fact that I only use it once a day around my eye socket area. The 15ml has gone a long way. The eye cream is not heavy in texture but feels rich and nourishing. 
It smells amazing, like a bunch of berries and is translucent white in colour. It sinks into the skin easily and I use the excess on my lips or around my mouth area as recommended by my facialist. I am eager to try other eye creams and I still have a Clinique and origins one so I probably will not repurchase this any time soon but it has been an excellent eye cream.

Clarins One Step Cleanser
I really like this and this was almost like the first "micellar water" for me. I saved it for special occasions and tried not to finish it up in a hurry because of how precious this is to me.
I love it and I probably will not repurchase because of price point but I do really like this.

Caudalie Organic Grape Water
 Another long time favourite, this is probably the 2nd or 3rd can I have finished.
In all honesty, I cannot remember, but this remains my all-time favourite Holy Grail toner.
I prefer it to the more expensive Caudalie Elixir and Omorovicza Queen of Hungary Mist.
If you have not tried this please go out and grab it.

Caudalie Polyphenol Serum
 This is a beautiful serum which sinks in quickly and is really lightweight.
I only use it in the day time as it offers extra protection against daily aggressors and pollution.
I will be purchasing the big bottle of this and filling it over to this travel size because this bottle is easier to tote around.

Peter Thomas Roth Glycolic Acid Toning Complex
Stronger than the First Aid Beauty exfoliating pads, this stings a little bit more but I prefer this as it lasts a lot longer and is excellent to use on the face, chest and back (I have bacne) and definitely helps.
I always use a sunscreen as advised and this is gentle enough to use twice daily although if my skin is feeling a bit more sensitive, I stick to a nightly use.

Sanctuary Radiance Exfoliator
This smells really lemoney, which I like but the consistency is slightly odd at a sticky level and feels rather abrasive.
I use it with an extra gentle hand and sometimes still find it a little too strong for my liking.
I doubt that I will repurchase this.

Kiehl's Calendula Deep Cleansing Foaming Face Wash
Having stepped away from foam washes for a while now, I really did not enjoy using this.
As I was moving, I threw it out, so guess who will not be purchasing this?
I was thankful for the chance to trial it but it did nothing for my oiliness but did not contribute to it.
It did not make my skin feel tight but I just did not enjoy using it.

Caudalie Vinosource Moisturising Mattifying Fluid
 I enjoyed this sample and upon application, it really gives off a matte finish.
Like all Caudalie products this smells really nice without being overpowering.
I like this enough to repurchase it at some point.

Amazing Grace perfumed shampoo, bath & shower gel
This smells incredible and while I only use it as a shower gel because I prefer a proper shampoo and I do not have a bath (sadly) I think that it is handy to have a 3 in 1. I attempted to keep the bottle because of how cute it is and I like the writing on it, but it leaks everywhere as soon as it is opened.
I recommend taking it when you are away on a short break but finish it up and make space in your bag as it will leak.

Body care 

Caudalie divine oil full size + sample

I have finished this sample up but am keeping the bottle for travel because I just spritz it in from a bigger bottle. A little goes a long way and I love this. I have an entire blog post on this very item and I already have another 2 bottles to use at the moment. 
I finished up the big bottle as well and am looking to replace this.

Palmolive Thermal Spa Firming Body Wash
This is nice and like all other Palmolive products, it does not break the bank. I do like this, and will be trying out other shower gels from the range. 

Johnson's baby lotion
I like this and it smells like baby powder. It sinks in quickly and does not leave a sticky film. It is not the most moisturising and is more suited to the warmer weather.

Johnson's baby cooling bath
Although it says cooling bath, I have used this as a shower gel and hand wash. I like how light this is, and will probably repurchase the honeysuckle range.

Soap&Glory Orangeasm Body Wash
I am not usually an orange citrus fan, but this has hit it on the nail.
It is not too sweet or zesty but smells just fresh enough.
I will be repurchasing this as I really like it.

Hair care 

Carlton hydro balance Brazilian mango hair mask
I bought this in Malaysia at SHINS and it was not the cheapest hair mask in Malaysia but at RM79 it is about £16 which is not extortionate. 
It smells beautiful, like a bunch of mangoes have rained on my head and it is super moisturising and nourishing. 
I really like this and will not hesitate to buy when I'm next back in Malaysia without a proper hair mask.

Make up

Eyeko skinny mini liquid eyeliner in black 
I love the eyeko skinny eyeliners with only a complaint of price and how quickly it dries and finishes for the price of £12. I find myself grabbing this over the Benefit They're Real push up liner and it has better staying power. It has dried out on me and I only purchase this on discount or sales. This was sent as a present alongside an order from BeautyBay.

Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Mascara Sample
 Given to me by Anna ( I know we are not suppose to share eye make up... I know I know)
I really really like this.
However, I tried to get a separate sample because I was not sure if I loved it because it had dried up a little or if the formula really is amazing.
The brush is a bristles type but it really does give length and volume while curling slightly.
Sadly this has now completely dried out.
I do not think I will be purchasing this unless I get to try a new sample, but it is a good mascara.

Covergirl Clump Crusher Mascara
One of my favourite drugstore mascara, sadly unavailable in UK or Malaysia, this really is clump free.
I tried the MaxFactor equivalent but that did nothing for my eyelashes whereas this gave me plenty of length.
This was a gift from Bob but it has sadly dried out so into the bin it goes.

YSL Babydoll Mascara
I love the brush of this mascara but it has dried out on me again.
I believe this is my second or third and it really annoys me how quickly it dries out.
It starts off at a nice-dry level and then dries to perfection but quickly descends into too dry territory.
If this was a drugstore product I would treat it as SUPER HOLY GRAIL, but for now the search continues and it remains one of my favourites but it starting its descent from HG status.

Random beauty items

Darlie toothpaste
This is a big competitor of Colgate in South-East Asia, and is a brand we use a lot at home. I have finished two small tubes and this particular one featured in this picture has Thai words all over it. I still have quite a few to use up.

Sensodyne Repair & Protect Toothpaste Travel Size
I got this from the boyfriend, and yes toothpaste makes a very romantic gift.
I do wonder if there is an underlying message but perhaps gum would have been more obvious.
This was nice, but because Sensodyne is targeted at people with sensitive teeth and costs more, I will probably not be repurchasing.
I am also unable to comment on the sensitivity factor but it is a nice toothpaste.

RevitaLens Ocutec

I have finished up both a 120ml and a 300ml of this contact lens cleansing solution. It works well but I tend to buy whatever is cheaper and on sale (and the brands are recommended by my optamologist). These are much cheaper in Malaysia than UK, you can get 3x300ml bottles for about RM50 or less and it usually comes with a small 120ml bottle as a gift. That works out to about £10, which will normally get you 1 bottle in UK.

Bausch & Lomb Bio True
Frankly, I can never tell the difference between contact lens solutions so this was nice. I think I may stop featuring these in my empties as I always have some and it really i not a big part of my life and all brands are the same to me.

Optrex eye drops
This is a cooling and refreshing eye drop but I prefer the moisturising type which does not sting your eyes. Some people like this to wake them up but I am not a fan.

Rimmel nail polish in Rose Libertine
I adore this colour and this may be my all time favourite nail polish for the price point, colour, finish and ease of use,
It has dried out faster than my OPI and Nails Inc polishes but at the price of £3.99 and often on some sort of deal, I'm hard pressed to complain about it. 
I will be repurchasing this as soon as I get back to UK.

OPI mini nail polish
This is 1 of the 10 I bought as a set from Asos and this is one of the most used shade and it has finally dried and become gooey and difficult to use. I prefer the OPI mini polishes because the original size is massive for a nail polish and I have never managed to use one even halfway.

Rimmel Nail Polish Base and Top Coat 5-in-1
This unfortunately leaked all over my bag and has ruined a red skirt of mine but I did really like it and will repurchase when I need another base coat. It does not replace Seche Vite as a top coat but is a good drugstore one.

Nails Inc Non-Acetone Nail Polish Remover
This is all gone and it is a nice nail polish remover.
I am not a big fan of non-acetone formulas because I think they still dry the nails out so proper moisturising is essential afterwards.
I will probably not be repurchasing this I purchased it last time to meet a certain expenditure.
While I will not repurchase it, it is a good product, I just feel that other drugstore brands are just as good for a fraction of the price.

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