Tuesday, 16 September 2014

All About Lips #17

Today's lips are all about Revlon ColourStay Moisture Stain.
I first mentioned it back in August when I went to Boots and swatched everything on the back of my hand.

There were a few colours that immediately jumped out at me but when I saw these Revlon moisture stain at Superdrug, the whole range was not readily available.
I pulled up my blog post quickly to have a look and picked up 3 since it was on an introductory offer.

I picked up Shanghai Sizzle, Barcelona Nights and Parisian Passion.

Here are the three swatched on the back of my hand.

Here is me without any lip product.

Shanghai Sizzle
1 coat
1 extra coat on top and bottom lip

Barcelona Nights
1 coat
1 extra coat on top and bottom lip each

Parision Passion
1 coat
1 extra coat on top and bottom lip each

Many have been raving about these and from blog posts which I have read, I have high expectations for these and they do not disappoint.

The closest product, even in name and in texture that I can compare it to, is the YSL lip stains, except these are at a fraction of the price.

The vibrant colours are really beautiful and stand out to me. I think the nudes are harder to pull off but it really is a matter of preference.

The product really stands out when a layer is applied and then another layer is added.
The finish is then smooth and really pops out.
If you prefer a slightly more matte or less IN YOUR FACE finish, I still recommend applying an additional layer to smooth it out then blotting it.
This could well be the fact that I have bigger lips and hence need more product.

I like all 3 colours for different events and finishes.
Do you own any of these?

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