Monday, 15 September 2014

Givenchy effet extension lengthening mascara

I have been on the look out for another mascara since I felt that the YSL babydoll, which I absolutely love, could do just slightly better. 

I managed to narrow it down to Givenchy and the Dior Iconic Overcurl mascara but there was a value pack for the Givenchy one and I could not justify buying 3 mascaras. 

Upon using this mascara, 1 things that jumps out at me is how lengthening it is: if I want more volume, I tend to use another mascara to boost that but to build up length, this is pretty crazy.

The wand is pretty unique and takes getting used to.

It may look slightly daunting and even intimidating but it actually allows for plenty of precision and control.

One thing is that it does my curl as much as I would like it to so I definitely still need eyelash curlers before using this but the effect is worth it.

Here is the mascara on with pre-curled lashes, about 2-3 light coats

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