Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Men's Bioré double scrub facial form

You may be wondering why I am talking about a men's product, or perhaps if a guy has recommended this to me..

In fact, I could not find any facial wash at home and just grabbed this off the shelves to use. 

A while back I read an article explaining how Gilette had made body hair undesirable through advertising in a bid to sell their product. Subsequently, products were gender divided to promote and boost sales. This applies to deodorant, shower gel, facial wash, containers and even tissue paper (ever seen the men's size pack?)

Trying to prove a point, I decided to use this consistently for about 5 weeks and in all honesty, I do not like the packaging.
This packaging is not targeted at me. The super mint scent is a little too strong and tingles on my face, which is not a spa-like experience but was it effective? Yes, it washed my face without drying it out. 
Did it break me out? No.
Are there any adverse effects? No.

Men and women products are similar and the difference probably lies in packaging, advertising and scent. If you ever run out of soap/moisturiser, don't hesitate to grab your partner's. Honestly, no one will notice a floral smelling man or a minty smelling woman.

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