Friday, 22 August 2014

Mac Face & Body Foundation

Mac cosmetics.
The famous Mac has many Holy Grail items for many beauty bloggers and youtubers.
Ranging from lipsticks of every shade and finish, to eyeshadows which are a dream to blend and build.

Today, I will be gracing on my first ever Mac product, which I have since repurchased a second bottle, and am still in love with.

MAC Face & Body Foundation

I use the shade C2 and I usually am this shade, even in the winter, and I am certainly using this in the summer.

 I have swatched it on the back on my hand with my HG Shu Uemura foundation (read about my day at Shu Uemura) and I included it in my July's favourite because it just makes my skin look like perfect but still skin.

 Here it is, well shaken and poured on the back of my hand

Here I took a dab from the original pouring (is that even a description?!)

And here it is blended out. It basically disappears into the skin

Now you may ask what is the point of wearing foundation if you cannot see it or if it disappears into the skin?

Well, not only does your blush and/or bronzer grip better, it gives your skin an overall unified look without looking like makeup, a genius win.

Once again, I have shaken and poured out a small amount (this differs daily)

and here I have applied it onto half my face (excuse the tired looking face and slight streaks down the centre of my face), if you have spotted, the foundation is only on the left side of the picture as you can still see slight redness on my cheeks on the right side

Here it is, evenly applied on my entire face.
I prefer to blend it out with fingers for this foundation.

This is actually the leftover foundation, so you do not really need a lot.

So as not to frighten you completely, I have included two pictures.
The picture of the left is with my eye make up done, cue looking less tired and to showcase how smooth the foundation has made my skin.
The picture on the right is with blusher and lipstick (both NARS Matte Multiple)

What is your favourite foundation? 
Are you a Mac Face & Body girl/boy?

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