Wednesday, 23 July 2014

My day at Shu Uemura

So a day out with Bob almost always means I will SPEND.
We popped into so many stores to play with make up, including Space NK, as usual ad we stopped off at Monmouth Street for Monmouth coffee. The people there are so nice!

We then stopped at Shu Uemura and that was the mistake of the day.

We both came out with a bag of products each and here is my haul!

Shu Uemura Face Architect Smooth Fit Fluid Foundation - 964 Medium Light Honey

This has been my go-to foundation since I bought it. Apart from the Bourjois CC Cream, I always wear this because it is the perfect colour.
The numbering system is a little weird, 9 is the most yellow shade and from 0-9, 0 being the darkest and 9 the lightest (is that not counterintuitive?) I am a 6 and as for the 4, I have no idea. I did try to ask
Natalie at the Covent Garden Branch, but she said she picks it base on experience and she is an absolute babe.
She was so lovely that I could probably write a whole blog post on everything she tried on Bob and I (why do I never remember to take pictures!)
Also, an excellent blog post that I read on this foundation can be found here. I read it, thought it was really well written and decided you should all read it. Credits to Bob for finding it!

The famous Shu Uemura Hard 9 - Seal Brown
 This eyebrow pencil is cut in a samurai sword sort of shape and I tried to swatch it on my hand but it is one of those things that does not show up on the hand, but reacts to brow hair and leaves a nice colour.
Bob bought this in sound black and I bought mine in Seal Brown.
I have not been using anything else for my brows since I bought this. This may be taking over the Anastasia Brow Wiz pen in ease of use and how natural it looks!
The pen does have to be sharpened in store, which is the only downside to it.

Pentagon sponges
These were rather cheap and I got them to apply the foundation because it looked so flawless that way.
I have tried this with other face bases and I have tried the Shu Uemura face architect with brushes and fingers and it looks just as flawless.
I do find that the sponge gives a more natural finish as it is less cakey and I do not put too much on.

I love Shu Uemura and I have a few things which I would very much like to pick up, but for now, I am loving everything I have.

Are you a fan?

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