Thursday, 24 July 2014


Since trying to move away from anti-perspirant, I have tried out a few deodorants.

It really is not about the aluminium causing cancer stories, (although that scares me too), I personally feel that sweat and perspiration is normal, and stopping it is not exactly natural.

So what I want, is to neutralise any smell and to allow my body to function as it is, to sweat out any heat and so on.

It really is not glamorous, but it is what I have chosen to do.

Lavanila Pure Vanilla The Healthy Deodorant
This deodorant comes in a solid stick form, and this is the travel size.
I asked a friend to pick this up for me when she was in the states at Sephora (read it HERE) so that I could try it out.
I do really like it and the scent is really beautiful.

Bionsen Deo Total Body Active Minerals
This is an interesting concept. The bottle comes with a few pieces of crystals and you can fill it up with water 5 times. I am at the end of the first time, and they provide a little marker that you can scratch off each time you fill it up to keep track of the number of times.
I tend to overspray with this and it gets a little messy, but I like the idea of the water activated crystals as I wanted to take it on holiday with me so that when it is empty, it does not need to go into the "liquids" bag.

Bionsen Roll-on Deodorant Dermoprotective
This is my favourite out of the three.
It smells nice and fresh, and this is the consistency I prefer, roll-on. I know this is personal, but Bionsen does come in a wide range of applicators.
My only gripe is that I cannot really tell if it is finishing apart from shaking it.
Apart from that, I actually like the blue packaging.

What are your thought on anti-perspirant/deodorants?
Do share them with me

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