Thursday, 28 August 2014

Empties #5

I must admit. I really love empties posts.
There is almost some sort of glee in finishing up a product, be it a triumph or simply that I really did not like it and wanted to use something new.


Aveda Dry Remedy Hair Mask
The day this finished was a pretty sad day for me.
I really love this and this is the old formulation which has a heavier smell which I prefer, but the new formulation (I have the conditioner) is growing on me.
I really like how thick and nourishing this feels, and I use it at least twice a week but I alternate it with the Dry Remedy Conditioner and another hair mask - I have dry hair.
I will probably repurchase the new formulation of the hair mask!

Davines Hair Oil
I got this off Bob and while it works nicely, I was not in love with the scent, so I probably will stick to the Argania Hail Oil, which is still my favourite so far or the Caudalie Divine Oil which is the absolute best.
This helps the hair dry a little faster and sleeker, but I will not be repurchasing.
I will not even be saving the small bottle because I have 2 of the Argania travel size which are glass and I really like that.

Johnson's Baby Shampoo
I bought this because my flatmate who bleaches her hair, swears by this.
I actually thought this would be really mild, since it is mild shampoo for babies.
However, it did not work very well for me at all. I ended up using it for my make up brushes and just really did not like it for my hair. It makes my hair itch after a day.

VO5 Miracle Concentrate Hair Oil
 I bought this at the airport because they did not have the Argania Hair Oil or any ones which I use regularly.
I cannot say that this is my favourite.
The smell is not amazing, the texture is alright..
The dropper is super stiff and difficult to use.
In fact, I tend to pour this out on my hand to massage all over my hair before shampoo-ing.
I will not be repurchasing this.

Macadamia Deep Repair Masque
 I love the scent of this hair mask.
It is really intense and hair instantly feels amazingly nourished.
I will be repurchasing this.

Schwarzkopf Essensity Moisture Conditioner
 I bought this at a very reasonable and discounted price at Tk Maxx.
The texture is very light but hydrating and I finished this up quickly enough with the help of boyfriend.
I do like this but will only repurchase at the discounted price now that I have bought it at that rate.

Dove Dry Shampoo
 Some people find the scent of this overpowering but I personally like the floral scent.
I have finally used this up, and I mainly use it for volume and as a volumiser, rarely as a dry shampoo because my dry scalp does not like dry shampoos.
I have purchased another dry shampoo to try so I will not be repurchasing this any time soon (dry shampoos take forever to finish in my book) but this is one of my favourites so far.

Dove Damage Solution Conditioner
My aunt has dozens of these travel size Dove conditioners and I grabbed a few to use.
Since it is only 30ml, I finished 1 in 2 washes.
It works decently as a conditioner, it did not blow my mind, but it was not terrible.
I still have another 10 so I will continue to use this.


Sanctuary Spa Body Wash
I really like the smell and scent of Sanctuary products.
Just like its name, it transports you to a spa-like experience.
A good scent usually does that for me, and this does not disappoint.
Unlike the accompanying body lotion (which I hate), read it HERE
I will be repurchasing this.

Dr Bronner Castille Soap - Green Tea
I bought two tiny bottles of the Castille soap to try it and 1 is in Green Tea and 1 in Rose.
I finished the Green Tea one (hence the empties) and I am currently using the Rose one but I think I prefer the scent of the Green Tea.
I mainly use this to wash my brushes and I prefer this to baby shampoo.
I do not think that I will use this on my body or even as hand wash because I do find it quite drying, but I will repurchase for brush and sponge washing!
I want to try the Lavender one <3

Always Dailies
I bought this at Costco because it was a multipack, which works out cheaper.
Even though Always is usually a wonderful brand, I prefer the BodyForm which I usually buy.
These are scented and not individually packaged, and they are not as thin as the BodyForm ones, so that is 3 strikes.
I will not be repurchasing these but will finish up the other box that I have!

Soap&Glory Pulp Friction Body Scrub
I actually cannot decide whether this is my favourite scrub or Soap&Glory's The Scrub of Your Life.
Both are amazing and I really love both of them.They have different scents.
This one smells very fruity and not as sweet as the other, I like the pumice stone bits as well.
I will be repurchasing this when I finish up my The Body Shop Scrubs.

The Body Shop Papaya Shower Gel
I really like the limited edition shower gels, probably because they are not available all the time.
I like the papaya, passionfruit, blueberry and raspberry, so there you go!
This is nice in the summer because it is so fruity.

Bionsen Deodorant

I love this and I have already repurchased it.
It is a deodorant but not an anti-perspirant.
I have other deodorants but this is really fresh and dries down really quickly.
If you prefer a spray or a solid block thing, they do both forms as well.
This is just my personal favourite form of deodorant.

Imperial Leather Japanses Spa Shower Gel

I love this and I keep going through this.
I am a little sick of it at the moment but I am sure I will repurchase it after my trip home because I will be missing it by then.
Cheap and cheerful.

The Body Shop Olive Body Scrub
I love the body butter but really hate the smell of this.
It is a cream consistency scrub, which I quite like, but I really do not like the smell.
I also prefer body scrubs in a tube than a tub so I really doubt I will be repurchasing this.

Johnson's Baby Oil - Aloe Vera & Vitamin E
I came back to Malaysia and finished up this baby oil.
I use it on my body after I shower and on my hair before I shower, so it really is a multipurpose item for me.
I will not repurchase at the moment because I am using the Caudalie Divine Oil.

Johnson's Baby Lotion - Milk & Rice
 I used up the remnants of this and really like the scent of it.
It does not smell like baby powder but quite softly scented and nothing too overpowering.
It absorbs quickly and I would definitely repurchase.


Yves Rocher Botanical Sap Moisturiser for Combination Skin
This smells really nice but I did not like that it came in a jar and after a while I started using it on my chest and back and that finished it up really quickly.
I will not be repurchasing, it jsut did not wow me.

Omorovicza Queen of Hungary Mist
The sad day when this finished.
I will not be repurchasing this because I cannot justify it.
I do really love this and it is beautiful and smells amazing but I will be sticking to my Caudalie Organic Grape Water, which is a fraction of the price, works beautifully and comes in a lightweight can.
If anyone would like to buy this for me as a present, I will never complain and will be forever grateful!

Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask
I bought the 50ml because it cost £10 and the 100ml cost £22, but the prices have since gone up to £12 and £23 each, making the bigger one more economical.
As you can se from the picture, I cut mine up to scrap everything out and I really love this mask to draw out all the impurities.
Beware not to leave it on for too long and I recommend removing it with either cotton pads or a sponge with hot water (not too hot of course!)
Flannels are just not a good idea with this one.
I will be repurchasing this.

AVEDA Tourmaline-Charged Radiance Masque
When I initially bought and tried this, it felt like it was burning my face.
After the second attempt, it was just a slight sting (which is how far I go for all things, 3 attempts)
and I thought I actually quite like this.
This is the mask I slap on in the mornings, because it says radiance, it is slightly exfoliating.
I save the deep cleansing masks for weekends and evenings or when it really was bad.
This radiance mask is a great pick me up and it is £30 for 125ml.
The other masks I have (apart for the Origins one on top) are usually £30 for 50ml so this is more budget friendly but still not exactly drugstore.

Emma Hardie Amazing Cleansing Balm
 I was not planning to repurchase this because of the eye watering price of £34, and now it has gone up to £36, just to make things even better.
I love this and use this in the evenings as a treat and in the mornings as a wake me up as the scent is lovely.
However, I have since found Merumaya, which is not as luxurious but works perfectly on my skin as well, for a fraction of the price.
I will not repuchase this unless it is on sale.

Vichy Eye Make Up Remover
I cheated slightly with this as Bob gave it to me with a little bit left to use and try (thank you!)
This works as well as the Lancome Bi-facial and if you are on a budget, get this.
I personally prefer that as I do not like the scent of this at all, but for that price point.... it really is worth considering switching over.
I did a whole blog post comparing the two, read it HERE

Caudalie make-up remover cleansing water
This is Caudalie's version of micellar water and I bought a small travel size to try it.
I really like it and it has the faint Caudalie scent, of mild grape freshness (I think)
I really like this but will work out if Bioderma or this is cheaper.
I will probably repurcahse this. No complaints whatsoever and I am definitely reusing this handy little container regardless.

Arm & Hammer Extra White White Toothpaste

I bought this on Bob's recommendation but she was recommending a different whitening one.
This was okay, but the baking soda makes the toothpaste taste a little different.
I prefer the standard, traditional toothpaste but this is probably a healthier alternative.
I will be using the toothpaste I have but I will probably try the other types available in the range.

I have had many empties this month because I did not purchase many new items (the lack of haul posts!) since I knew I was flying back to Malaysia and I tried to use up as many things as I could possibly do without being wasteful.
Some of the Johnson's items were used up back in Malaysia, as remnants of last visit's souvenirs.
I tried to keep the background of the pictures consistent.
Link your empties posts or videos for me below!

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