Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Let's Talk Johnson's Baby

I use an array of Johnson's baby products in Malaysia.

Although I personally did not get along with the No More Tears Shampoo, I like the ranges of products Johnson's produce.

Johnson's Baby Lotion
 This is the classic Johnson's scent, of soft baby powder and light pink in colour.
It absorbs quickly and leaves the skin soft and smooth, without any tackiness.

Johnson's Baby Lotion - Milk & Rice
 I have actually never noticed this particular blend, but the packaging says new formula and I wonder if it is a new scent as well.
This does not smell like baby powder but has a soft gentle scent and is white in colour.
The consistency is slightly runny and absorbs quickly into the skin.
I prefer this slightly more over the original formula.

Johnson's Baby Oil - Aloe Vera & Vitamin E
 After the immense hit of aloe vera, Johnson's came out with this scent and I bought a baby oil in this range.
The only main difference if the scent, and the ingredient's list, but it is the same as the original formula in every other way.
The best bet? Smell it in the shop before making a purchase.

Johnson's Baby Cooling Bath - Natural Honeysuckle
 I use this as a handwash since there is no bath tub at home and it does not foam up like mad but it is gently refreshing.
Unlike mint, it does not give a burst of freshness but it rather pleasant and may become a staple in my bathroom in Malaysia.

Johnson's has come out with many variety and different scents.
While I do not use any of their cologne, I use the baby powder (rarely) and baby oil, baby shower gel and baby lotion.

Are you a fan of baby products?

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