Thursday, 7 August 2014

Lancome Bi-Facil vs Vichy Waterproof eye make-up remover

What a mouthful!

Basically both products are the dual-phase oil and water mixture which you have to shake up to use.

Both are blue but the two products have very different price ranges!

Lancome = £21 for 125ml
Vichy      = £11 for 150ml

Which do I prefer?
Unfortunately, the Lancome Bi-facil.

Bob lent her Vichy to me, claiming it to be less greasy feeling.
I could not tell the difference, even though I am not claiming that it is not, perhaps the difference was so minor that I did not notice it.

However, the Vichy has a scent which puts me off and in all honesty, makes me gag a little bit.

Both work equally well and fast.

I will continue to buy the Lancome if and when I pick it up at the airport as a double pack.
The double pack at FeelUnique costs £28 but it will be cheaper at the airport.
However if I was running really low and not heading to the airport any time soon, I will probably grab the Vichy because the Lancome is just too expensive to justify

Vichy is normally on 3 for 2 at Boots and Escentual often does French Pharmacy sales.

So between the two, Vichy is and will always work out to be cheaper.
If you are on a budget, get Vichy. It works just as well!

I just am quite fussy with scents and sinceI own the Lancome, I know that I prefer the almost no-scent, very slight floral scent of it, which is why I will continue to buy it at the airport.

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