Friday, 8 August 2014

Urban Decay Deslick Setting Spray

I bought this a while back and since it was the only item I picked up, it did not justify a haul post.
So I figured I would test run it and then write a review on this.

So far, 2 weeks in, this is holding up well!
It spritzes out a fine mist which I love!

If I use it in the morning after make up (primer + foundation + powder), it stays put and does not look greasy.

I have even tried this when I put the Zelens sunscreen on top of my make up, and then sprayed this without powdering, and it actually looked really good even after 4 hours!

This actually came inside the box and have all the claims of what women have said about this setting spray

So far, I am really impressed by this and I will probably try the original version when I run out of this small bottle because we will be going into the colder months by the time I am done with this!

Do you use a setting spray?
This is my first so please let me know if you have any loves or recommendations!

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