Friday, 18 April 2014

Let's talk Sanctuary

I know it is a bit of a hit and miss with the scent,
but I personally love the Sanctuary scent.

They do skincare, bodycare, and targeted care, and I even managed to buy a lip balm from the store in Covent Garden after a spa day.


First up, let's talk about the Fresh Faced Purifying Wash

This retails for £8.99 for 140ml, which is not expensive when you compare it to the likes of The Body Shop. If you buy it at Boots, there is usually a 3 for 2 or some sort of discount.
I love this product and it smells really fresh and does not leave the skin tight or dry.
I have not repurchased this because I am currently using more balm-y washes since my U zone have gotten quite dry.

Next, is the Pore Refining Toner
This is again £8.99, for 150ml.
One of my friend Anna, loves this.
I have tried it, and I love that is has no alcohol and smells very pleasant.
I will be picking this up when I run out of my toner.

Next, the Radiance Exfoliator
This retails at £10.20 for 100ml.
I have this because a friend Julie bought me a whole box of goodies for a joint birthday and Christmas present. I use this once a week, and it serves me well as an exfoliator and a little goes a long, long way.

This is the Lip Balm
I really like this lip balm.
It has a slight tingly feeling, not too extreme or anything and is lovely and moisturising.
I tend to use this before bed at night and apply a nice thick layer.
It smells absolutely heavenly, like pure mango.
Love this, probably won't repurchase because I have so many lip balms and lip butters!
This one has been going strong for almost... 7 months with once a day usage.

Those are all the face products which I have tried, so let's move on to


This is the Body Wash
 It costs £5.10 for 200ml and I love the refreshing scent.
I tend to use it in the morning to wake myself up, or after a gym session.
It has little beads which Sanctuary calls "moisturising capsules".
I must admit, I have tried to burst one in my hand but failed, so I hope they are indeed moisturising capsules.
I love this, mainly because I love the smell.

This is the matching Body Lotion
This retails for £5.50 for 250ml.
Now, while this smells the same, this body lotion does not get half the love.
The first time I used it, I slather it on like any other lotion, and I was shortly "rewarded" by a burning sensation.
Now, the products says it might be tingly due to the ginger extract.
I don't mind tingly, in fact, I quite like it, but this was more of a mild burning sensation.
The next time I used this I was careful to put a very tiny layer, so this product is not going to be repurchased.
It is too much faff for a lotion.
Oh, and I really do not have sensitive skin.

This is the Body Butter
Essentially, this is the thicker version of the Body Lotion, sans the burn factor!
so WIN.
It retails at £9.20 for 300ml.
It does cost more, but with a thicker consistency, you will need less of this product than the body lotion.
Plus I prefer body butters to body lotions in general.

This is the Crème Souffle 
This is my ultimate LUST item for Sanctuary.
I love this to bits.
It is £10.25 for 475ml.
The surprising thing is I do not actually own this, and never have, but I always use this when there is a sample or if a friend lets me have a little bit of it.
This is definitely on my To-Get-List.

The Salt Scrub
 This really is a brand favourite.
It retails at £11.25 for 650g, and comes in a lovely glass jar.
Again, I do not actually have a tub but I have tried it and love it.
I really like it and will be planning to get this when I next go to boots.

This body scrub is gentle enough for everyday use but I tend to use it on alternate days.
I have finished my travel sized tube and have not repurchased because I have quite a lot of exfoliators going on, but I will be happy to repurchase this.

The Sculpting Anti Cellulite Treatment
This costs £13.53 for 200ml.
I bought it with a friend to try and get rid of the "starting" signs of cellulite.
Basically (this may be TMI) I do not have visible cellulite but if you squeeze, it is there.
So I think it is the starting stages?
This did nothing.
I started with once a day, and then twice a day and I massaged it in really hard but nothing really changed.
I will not be repurchasing this.
Try squats and lunges to firm up instead. I am doing mine rather religiously.

 This little box of goodies is a good introduction to Sanctuary products.
You get a little body polisher (sponge thing)
A min version of the Body Lotion, Body Wash and Bath Soak to try out.
I usually give my Bath Soak away because I do not have a bath tub,
but the other minis are excellent for travelling.
I like this and it is £8 for the box.
This is good as a starter kit or as a present.

I hope you found this helpful and do you have any favourite products from Sanctuary?

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