Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Space NK Haul #1

Remember when I wanted to shop at Space NK because they had an amazing reward system?
For every £1 spent, you get 1 loyalty point, and 100 points gives you £5 reward.

Recently, Space NK had a "Discover20" code for £10 off if you spend £40.
I bought two items I have been wanting to try.

Now, I have been using The Body Shop Cammomile Butter,
and that one is a lot cheaper at £12 for 90ml and you often get sales and discount codes at The Body Shop.
This one, is £36 for 100ml.
Yes, it is pricey, but compared to some others, it is a little cheaper (cough Sarah Chapman cough)
I wanted to try it because of the excellent reviews and I love the smell of it.
The packaging is a bit of a let down though because it had 2 little cracks and a bit of the oil had seeped through slightly.
If I am paying so much, I expect it to be better contained?

Anyway, next is the Caudalie Beauty Elixir
This small 30ml one retails at £11.50 and I bought this mainly to try it out.
As expected, I really like it and have just gone online and taken advantage of the code again.
The bigger bottle of 100ml is £32.50 and works out cheaper so I have gone for that, and a sun block for my upcoming holiday!

** I changed my mind about getting the bigger bottle because I am dying to try the Queen of Hungary Mist by omorovicza. Actually, I have tried a small sample and I love it, I just cannot quite justify the money, but I really love it. And I found a cheaper sunblock on so I am getting that instead! Will post an update when it arrives and I have tested it out <3

I am loving both the products I have bought, and am trying to invest more in my skin care rather than make up.
Have you bought anything pampering recently?

PS. the code ends tonight at 11.59pm so definitely check the items out and take advantage of the code!

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