Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Dancing in the Kitchen

So I was a bit restless a few days ago, and I thought that the best thing to do was probably to dance, since the gym was already closed.

So I put on my ballet shoes and within a few moments, I decided I really wanted to dance, so I changed into my Bloch leotard as well.

So google plus has done this amazing thing of combining the pictures I have taken (some of them) and made a little video clip!
How cool is that?

Below are some of the pictures that I picked and like =)

There is only one thing I love more about ballet, 
and that it to take pictures of me dancing ballet.

Yes it is vain, but it really helps me spot my errors, be it open, sticking out fingers,
or needing to hold my core better, or a better turn out.

It helps me decide if my head is angled right and if my hands need to be softened

Most of all, I want to see if I can draw long lines with my positions and how they look.

These pictures are actually all snapshots of videos I took while dancing, and apart from extracting the shot, there are no edits, hence you can still see all the furniture, and sometimes my hand is cut off

Sometimes my legs look extra long, like in this picture, and that is an extra like  ;)

Dance helps me when I am restless, when I am upset and when I am stressed.
It is a release of emotion, as well as an expression of happiness.

What do you do when you feel really wound up?

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