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Let's Talk Garnier

Inspired by Estee's Brand Focus posts, I am going to talk to you about one of my favourite drugstore brands, (as you may have guessed from the post title)



One of the most memorable products from Garnier (it might be my first product?)
is the Lotion.

I have tried both the gel texture lotion and the cream lotion.

I do not have a preference and often stand at the aisles trying to decide which texture I want and usually decide based on the scents as they have differing options.

My favourites are the Aloe Vera and the Grape.

The Aloe Vera Hydrating Lotion costs £.3.14 for 250ml whereas the Grape Refreshing Gel-Cream costs £2.99 for 250ml.
They are both targeted at normal skin types and there are various other scents and they are those that are for drier skin.

I have also tried the Garnier Body Ultimate Beauty oil,

while it is nice, I have since moved on to others because the packaging makes the whole process quite messy.
It is entirely plastic and it comes in a spray bottle but sometimes I do not spray enough and since I have put the bottle down to rub it onto my skin, when I pick the bottle up again, it truly is a messy, oily affair.
This costs £7.49 for 150ml but a little goes a long way as it is a dry oil.
Garnier has since come out with variations of this oil by introducing different oils and it comes in different coloured bottles.

I have also tried the Garnier Ambre Solaire After Sun Soothing Hydrating Lotion

This costs £6.99 for 200ml but I bought it during the half price sale at superdrug last year.
This is really lovely, it melts onto the skin and when you've been tanning in the sun, this just brings so much relief to the skin.
It absorbs almost immediately and is just amazing, especially at £3.50
Some people say that it enhances the tan, I tan really quickly so I am unable to comment on that.


Then Garnier released haircare! FINALLY.
I had used their Fructis Range when I was in the USA and loved the smell of it, but it just did not seem readily available in the UK.
So when I saw the Ganier Ultimate Blends, I was beyond excited!

I first tried it in Sweden when visiting my friend Anna.
I tried the Nourishing Repairer 1 Minute Treatment (avacado & shea butter)

I tried this and the normal conditioner in the same range and I personally prefer the 1 minute treatment , as I usually prefer really heavy duty hair moisturisers, and the conditioner seem to have a silicone whereas I did not detect it upon reading the ingredient list.
The smell is divine, classic Garnier, and it left my hair lovely.
This costs £4.49 for 200ml, which is more expensive than the conditioner, but you will need less as it is richer in texture!

When I popped into Superdrug, I could not find the Nourishing repairer at all, so I bought the Marvellous Transformer 1 Minute Treatment (argan oil & camellia oil)

This is also £4.49 for 200ml and has a very different scent to the repairer!
I have not decided which I prefer but both have been excellent in conditioning my hair and leaving it soft.
I may prefer the avocado scent and choose to purchase that next time, solely based on the smell.


After reading Amelia's rave about the Miracle Skin Cream Anti-Ageing and Skin Transforming Care,
I was paying at Boots when I saw it near the cashier and just grabbed it.

THANKFULLY the cream is beautiful, just as promised.

This costs £12.99 for 50ml.
I can see how it would be a bit too dark for those who are really fair. I am a NC20 for MAC and if I use a little too much, I look like an orange freak. Yes, I do. Apart from that, it leaves a nice subtle dewy look, almost like a blurring effect.
I tend to use this when I am in a rush and don't have time to do sunscreen, then primer, then foundation. I slap this on and it is a different finish and I just go with it.
I like it, especially when I am running late and need a quick fix, but this will not be replacing my Lancome Air De Teint Foundation.

I have also tried the Garnier Fresh Essentials Scrub

This retails for £4.07 for150ml, so it is not something you can take for travelling as it is over the 100ml mark.
This works decently, and I adore the scent, but even though I used it every other day, I found it a little harsh on my skin so I did not repurchase.

Another item from the Fresh Essentials range that I tried is the Garnier Clean and Fresh Complete Vitamin Enriched Cleansing Wipes
A pack of 25 wipes costs £3.45 but like all other Garnier products, there are usually some deals in boots and superdrug.
I did not like this wipe at all. 
It served to freshen up but was not great at taking my make up off. (facial make up)
I tend to pour micellar water on these to make them work and then they are great because the cloth holds up better than cotton pads but apart from that, just NO.

There used to be a moisturiser under the Fresh Essential but I could not find a link to it online. It may have been replaced by the new range of moisturisers (which I have not tried).
I loved the scent of the moisturiser, which like all the products of the range, smelled of lovely grapes.
It did not seem to do much for my skin in terms of hydration or controlling oiliness, so when I finished the tub, I did not repurchase it.

This is £3.25 for 200ml and I have not repurchased this since I first and last tried it.
I honestly cannot quite remember how they fared but I remember buying the Simple Eye make-up remover after this had finished so it did not impress me.

However, in the skin care range, one item really stood out to me.
The Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water
I like this Micellar water very much, and its drugstore price and ease of getting it is a real selling point.
It costs £4.99 for 400ml but it is available for £3.33 when it is on discount!
I did a comparison with all the Micellar Waters I have tried in a blogpost (read it HERE) and recommended this for specific reasons. 

Do you like Garnier?
Is there another drugstore brand which you would like me to do an overview of?

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