Saturday, 11 August 2018

Turkish Skincare

While the world is besotted with French, Korean and Japanese skincare, I myself really love Japanese and French skincare, I recently tried out some Turkish skincare!

Starting off with the dalan d'olive body butter, which was the most surprising of all the products.

A body butter makes me think of thick and creamy formulas, which may not be what you are seeking but I do love a good thick cream sometimes. This is surprisingly lightweight and easy to apply and I really should have believed the "easily spreadable formula"!

The pot comes sealed with a foil layer but upon opening that up, you are treated to a really fresh scent.

While it looks substantial, the body butter is easy to apply on the body and feels really nourishing on the limbs. I have enjoyed using this and must admit that even in the heat, it has not been unbearable.

Although I am probably going to save this for when I am in colder weather, I think this is a great one to pick up to try if you have normal to dry skin.

If you know me, it must seem insane that I have picked up a hand cream! Those who know me know that this is the one product (ok maybe foot cream too) that I do not use, but I will let you in on a secret. I picked this up because I figured it must be a lighter, more fluid formula than the body butter, and I can bring this on holidays and travels with me!

So I was not wrong about the texture of this, or the portability but that was obvious... What I was lucky though, is that the scent is similar to the body butter, which means this d'alan d'olive hand and body moisturising cream is really fresh!

There are a lot against foam cleansers in the blogosphere but the traditional foam cleansers are drying because of the amount of surfactants in them. This cleansing foam creates foam by mechanic means within the bottle.

This Rosense Cleansing Foam will not remove heavy duty makeup or waterproof eye makeup, but it does feel very satisfying to just gently massage foam onto your face. Heavenly. I save this for my morning cleanse because it feels great.

This Rosense Rose Water I have actually decanted because the actual product smells very distinctively like typical rose water, but the spray nozzle is horrible and aggressive. No one wants to almost take an eye out when the are trying to mist their face so either be prepared to decant this or maybe skip it.

I also picked up the gülsha ultimate rosewater, which was definitely more expensive than the Rosense version. When I received the package, it became evident why.

The gülsha ultimate rosewater comes in a box package whereas the Rosense does not have a box. The presentation is better and it actually comes in a glass bottle, so that is partly what you are paying towards.

While the packaging is certainly a lot more beautiful, I must admit that the spritz is still not up to standards or like what  I am used to (try The Body Shop for a good spritz nozzle).

Again, I probably would not recommend this as the bottle is beautiful, the actual rose water is nice, but if you are paying towards packaging and still need to decant to use it, feels like it does not make much sense?

Overall, my Turkish skincare foray has been interesting and I pick my items up from Homa_Ethnic on instagram because they go to Turkey quite often and get the things fresh from Turkey!

Have you ever tried Turkish skincare?

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