Saturday, 28 July 2018

The Olive Tree #3

A little haul from The Olive Tree again - I really like this brand hence the support!

This time I picked up some "tools" instead of the usual shampoo. I love their shampoo a lot but I thought I would try these out.

The Olive Tree Pine Soap Dish is actually really good for bar soaps. 

The little holes allow water to flow/seep out and because the surface area of the actual dish is quite large, the soap is easy to grab from the dish. I really like this.

You can use them on either side (I have tried and it just works)

A quick rinse when soap scum builds up and it is as good as new! I really enjoy this and would repurchase!

Then we have The Olive Tree Ayate Handmade Pouch.

This actually doubles up as a bag for your soap and as a natural body scrubber. That is what I would use it for, rather than for potpourri as I think it is too nice for that.

This has shrunk since I used it and it is less and less rough which is actually really nice to use. I also like to hang it up to dry and then bring my bar soap with me everywhere.

Do you invest in tools?

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