Thursday, 12 July 2018

Sasa Haul #1

This little haul was courtesy of Will, and by that, I mean he paid for it as a gift for me. Score.

The products were picked up from Sasa, but you can definitely pick up Canmake products from Guardian or from You can pick up the L'oreal Botanicals Fresh Care range from Watsons, Guardian or as well. So these products are actually really easy to pick up.

The products picked up were 2 haircare products from L'oreal Botanicals Fresh Care and then 1 primer from Canmake Juicy Glow Skin Case.

The items I picked up from L'oreal Botanicals Fresh Care are actually from different ranges. I think there are 4 ranges in total. I picked up the Geranium Radiance Remedy Shine Vinegar to act as a refresher for my hair. The other was the Camelina mooth Ritual Frizz Antidote.

Of the two, I absolutely love this. I have another leave-in-creme from the Safllower for dry hair range, but this smells better in my opinion and works a treat. I never skip putting the leave-in-creme after washing my hair.

I don't use this as much as I thought I would as I don't really see any radiance or shine but it smells really fresh on the hair.

I was so excited to see this Canmake Juicy Glow Skin Base as I had been debating whether to get it or not and when I finally decided that I wanted it, I could not find it in stock in any of the Guardians I visited. WHAT.

It is a pretty small tube for the price but hey, it actually has spf protection while providing a smoother base for your makeup application, should you choose to apply foundation on top!

It comes in an easy squeezy tube and I actually want to talk to you more about this so that you can see the product in action as well.

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