Saturday, 14 July 2018

Born Pretty Store Make Up

Have you ever heard of Born Pretty Store?
If you have not, it is actually a Chinese company which ships worldwide for free with no minimum purchases! (Don't worry, they deal in USD and through paypal - security first!)

The store recently approached me to try out a few products of my choice so I picked these 3 and let us start off with my favourite discovery from the brand!

The  BONNIE CHOICE Double-ended Eyebrow Brush Helical Comb Essential Blending Eyes Beauty Cosmetic Tool has the longest name ever, and let's just call it the eyebrow brush! This is $1.99 but at the time of blogging it is retailing for $1.19 and this double ended eyebrow brush is amazing.

This side of the brush is not too thin, so you can actually get enough product on the brows in an even way without overloading it or having to go in repeatedly.

This side of the eyebrow brush is a must have for all eyebrow products, be it a brush or an eyebrow pencil. It helps so much to just brush your eyebrow hair up and into place. Hands down my favourite product and for that price, you really must pick it up. Also, it works perfectly with the next product I am about to tell you about...

This is the BONNIE CHOICE 6ml Waterproof Eyebrow Gel Long Lasting Make Up Tint Henna Shade Makeup Cream Cosmetic and it is currently $2.99 instead of $3.99!

There are 3 different shades - light brown, dark brown and black brown; I have the shade 03 which is black brown.

Behold, this really looks more like grey-brown than black-brown, or actually just grey-black, black-grey. There is no brown in this, whatsoever.

There is 6ml of product, which is quite a lot and you pump the product out. I recommend a teeny tiny pump as you do not need the full pump of product at all.

This is half a pump and way too much, half of this amount would do both my brows. Even though the shade of it looks really quite intense, but it is actually really good once it is on the brows and applied with the brush mentioned above.

See, the actual product when applied is less harsh and you can really control how much of it you want with the eyebrow brush. This is brilliant and stays put even in super humid weather. Splashing water will not take this off, you need a proper micellar water or an oil cleanser to get this off. Bonnie Choice was not kidding when they said long lasting make up tint henna!

Finally we have the BONNIE CHOICE Smooth Loose Powder Face Makeup Brighten Finish Powder Waterproof Cosmetic With Puff which comes in 3 shades, holds 8g and retails for $3.99 instead of $4.99 at the time of writing.

I picked up shade #2 which is actually the perfect shade as it is quite warm but still light.

Inside the box, you get a standard round/circular pot. The product does contain talc and mica in the ingredients list, so if you do not like the ingredients or are allergic, I am flagging this up now!

There is a puff but let's be honest, I really hardly use these and use them mainly to keep the loose powder under control and in place, rather than actual usage on the face.

There is a sticker as per all new powders and this is where I tell you a funny story. The sticker is so sticky/strong/intense that when I went to remove it, the entire sifter came off the powder pot. Now, if you have ever dealt with loose powders, they are messy on a good day. To have the entire sifter give way... It just went everywhere and of course it had to be the day that I was wearing black.

The actual powder feels soft and smooth and while it is not the most finely milled powder, I really like the colour of it and it sets makeup well and my under eyes look super smooth after I set it. So while I did end up liking this, I am still holding a slight grudge against it.

Now, if you are tempted to try out Bonnie Choice products from Born Pretty Store, they have kindly provided me with a code for 10% off on normal price merchandise - TYU6H10
This is not an affiliate code but helps you to save money!
If you pick items up, please tell me what you picked up as I want to have a nosey into your hauls!

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