Sunday, 22 July 2018

Peripera Ink Corrector in Deep Thief Peach

I bought the Peripera Ink Corrector on a whim and was not sure if it would work out at all, but lo and behold, a real gem!

The packaging is really cute and the shade I have here is called Deep Thief Peach, which is a peach corrector for dark circles under the eye.

The peach is definitely popping and you can see that the frosted packaging has muted the peach shade, but when swatched, it is pigmented.

When blended out, it is a satin matte finish which has a medium coverage.

Hopefully a picture of my naked face does not scare you, but I figured it would help you to see my under eye darkness and how this Peripera Ink Corrector performs.

Even my eyelids are pigmented but I sometimes use that to my advantage (hello natural eyeshadow) but the under eyes definitely could do with a bit of help.

Here is the other side, I think it is actually similar in darkness.

So let's go in with the Peripera Ink Corrector in Deep Thief Peach.

What I tend to do is actually to use the doe foot applicator directly onto the areas where I need help.

I tend to do 3 drops on each side and I find that each dip into the bottle gives you enough product to do one side.

Now it is time to blend blend blend, for unless you are trying to make a statement or go to a festival, this is not the greatest look.

You can see that the product definitely gives you coverage. I would not say that this is full coverage but definitely medium to full.

I personally then use foundation and then blend the foundation up towards my under eye area so that it looks more seamless.

I have actually decided just to do half my face with foundation to show you.

Here is the side with no foundation so you can see redness on my nose and pores on my cheeks, but my under eye darkness has been obliterated.

Here is the side with foundation and so there is no sudden lines from the corrector. I think it looks really natural under the foundation.

Here I have sorted out the other half of my face, and this Peripera Ink Corrector in Deep Thief Peach has been a surprise find and it is a definite recommend on my list!

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