Sunday, 8 July 2018

Estee Lauder shopping haul

I typically prefer to go to Sephora than to go to standalone stores because of loyalty points, but the perks of going to a standalone store is that the make up artists are experts at what they do and you will get a correct colour match!

So I went into Estee Lauder in Sunway Pyramid and wanted to try to get a shade match to their
Double Wear foundation, but ended up buying a few bits.

First up, let's talk about my little gift with purchase - a 7ml Advanced Night Repair! Now this is not just a sachet sample, more like a deluxe sample that you can get a few uses out of.

I particularly love how the sample is a mini of the actual full sized product, because it looks so adorable. I have tried this and I really like it. Be warned, it is a pricey number.

Then, let us get into the 3 things I did pick up.

This navy reflective packaging is gorgeous and luxurious but so difficult to photograph!

This is the Estee Lauder Pure Colour Envy Blossoming Lip Balm and guys... I like this a lot more than the Dior Lip Glow. First of all, I have never really liked the Dior packaging (I must be the only person) and I think this Estee Lauder packaging looks more luxurious and then weight to it gives a good solid, luxurious feeling too!

The Estee Lauder on one side, and the shade name is on the other end.

The blossoming lip balm is just like any of the lip enhancing lip balms and has a pinky hue to it. I am going to have a dedicated blogpost of this coming right up!

Next, and the most important thing, I bought another Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation and this time, I picked up a pump too!

While I hold a slight grudge that the pump is not built into the foundation, I must admit that the gold cap looks really luxurious and I wanted a pump for my foundation so much that I was actually willing to pay for it.

I also wished that the pump had an extra cap (preferably gold) rather than the plastic bit that is an extra lock for the pump. The pump itself is a twist lock type, so you would be able to lock it that way anyway. I keep the plastic bit for travel because I am so paranoid.

The shade that I have been matched to this time is 1W2 Sand, and I will have a blogpost about this coming up as well.

Are you a fan of the Estee Lauder brand? I find myself more and more drawn to the brand in recent years!

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