Saturday, 7 July 2018

Colourpop Supernova Shadow in Dragon

Colourpop is super well known for their lip products as well as super shock cheeks (highlighters), super shock eyeshadows (single eyeshadows) and eyeshadow palettes, but what I have not heard as much of is about the supernova shadow (liquid eyeshadow).

I did buy this because it is a beautiful bronzey shade, and that Kathleen Lights really rate the supernova shadows. How did it truly perform though?

It is actually a really liquidy eyeshadow and you will have to build it up if you want to get a shade like this. I recommend doing on eye at a time because once it dries down and sets, you are not going to be able to blend this out.

The shade itself is stunning and you would have seen me wearing it in the centre of my lids as a pop of shimmer and sometimes I wear it as a eyeliner.

Would I recommend this? I think that if you have tried liquid eyeshadows and like this form of formulation for eyeshadow, you will like this. It takes more work than a cream eyeshadow or a powder eyeshadow but it is nice. Plus with Colourpop you are not breaking the bank and so it is a really good one to try out!

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