Thursday, 19 July 2018

Althea Turns 3!

I really love Althea birthdays because the boxes are always extra special and this year, they actually have a book series!

Unfortunately my order was too small and fits into the new Althea Air Pack (which is smaller and not in the Althea boxes) but I was pretty lucky in that they still included the mini "fold it yourself" Althea Birthday Books!

They are actually pretty straightforward and easy to assemble. You just have to pop the cutting out according to the lines, and then fold according to the guidelines.

And then voila! Little Althea Birthday Books! Are these not the itsy bitsy cutest things!!

So I actually picked up 4 items, since there was a buy 4 and get the cheapest item free, which is part of the Althea birthday celebration. Keep checking back as there are new codes and different offers as part of the Althea birthday celebration.

You also get a further 10% discount code card, which lasts all the way till September. YES.

So first up, I picked up 3 different It's Skin Serums because not only are they affordable, there is a whole range of different serums to try out and I have seen people reviewing these and rating the quite highly.

So the two that I have picked up are hydrating and have liquorice which is meant to be calming. I also picked up the Vitamin C one which smells really fresh and applies with no tacky feeling. I will report back on these! 

I also picked up one makeup item, which is actually a lip & cheek trio.

Skinfood Fresh Fruit Lip & Cheek Trio comes in 6 different shade variations but Althea currently still has 3 (correct at the time of writing) and I picked up Fruit Mix!

This is what the Skinfood Fresh Fruit Lip & Cheek Trio in Fruit Mix looks like. It is really dinky and so easy to have in the handbag for a touch up.

Since the packaging is a slide type, there is no risk of it popping open in your handbag and melting all over place or having dust particles and random bits stick to it OMG

Here are the shades swatched and my favourite is actually the two on the sides. They are best applied with your fingers directly as the product melts a little and then applies beautifully.

The shades are more of a wash of colours and I prefer it as a cheek blusher than a lip colour because my lips are quite pigmented and the colours can disappear when on my lips. On the cheeks, the blush looks really natural and like a real flush from within. LOVE.

For about RM30 for each of the 30ml It's Skin serums, and RM33 for the Skinfood Fresh Fruit Lip & Cheek Trio, I think this haul was a really affordable one, made especially great by the inclusion of the mini Althea Birthday Books and the buy 4 get the cheapest free code by Althea! So thank you very much Althea for always spoiling your customers and Happiest of birthdays!

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