Thursday, 28 June 2018

The Olive Tree #2

I really enjoy The Olive Tree as a brand and now you can even get them on Hermo, how amazing!
Here is my latest haul from the brand.

Let's start with the soaps I picked up from The Olive Tree.

First up is the Charcoal Cedarwood soap, which I definitely picked up because it is black and I think it would help with my bacne.

Then I also picked up the raw cut soaps, here is The Olive Tree Avocado Soap.

I also picked up The Olive Tree Olive Soap, so that I am better able to try both and tell you which is better for what reason.

I also repurchased their Lavender Chamomile shampoo, which my scalp adores. If you have sensitivity, this is the one for you.

I also decided to pick up the Ayate Handmade Pouch, which is a pouch for your soaps and you can use it to exofliate or just use it to store your soaps and travel with them.

Finally, I picked up the Gentle & Mild conditioner, which is the same scent as the Lavender Chamomile one. I love the shampoo, so I thought I should try out the conditioner as well!

Have you ever tried The Olive Tree?

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