Sunday, 24 June 2018

Sephora gifts

Sephora gifts? Well I have 2 items to show you and 1 was a gift and 1 was a 100 point redemption perk so technically - both gifts!

Here are the two items! The Urban Decay Vice Lipstick was a gift from my boyfriend's mum (how sweet) and then I took the opportunity to redeem the BeautyBlender Blender Cleanser Solid Chill Swirl.

I already know I like the BeautyBlender BlenderCleanser Solid, and this chill swirl one is a limited edition which has green (hence the chill) swirl name!

The only thing about the mini blendercleanser is that there is no container so you will have to look for a plate or something to hold it while you clean your brushes (excellent for that) and sponges.

And then we have the actual gift - Urban Decay Vice Lipstick.

There are a few different finishes but I actually picked the sheer finish in the shade sheer liar.

It is so difficult to see the shade name but I promise that is the actual shade name - Sheer Liar.

The Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks are by no means new, but sometimes I like picking things up after the initial hype. The packaging is supposed to be inspired by bullets/ammos, but having never seen an actual bullet, I cannot confirm this. What I can tell you is that there are several different metal finishes, which makes this quite unique.

You get a gold metal bottom/base and the actual body and the lid is more gunmetal finish.

You also get the Urban Decay logo engraved into the lipstick, I always like things like this, which just makes the lipstick feel more luxurious.

Here is a swatch and then I decided to do a built up swatch of the product. Stay tuned for an in dept review of this!

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