Sunday, 17 June 2018

More 3INA

So after the success of the last 2 products (nail polish and lip product) I picked up in 3ina, I was gifted a voucher, so I went back to pick up the 3ina highlighter to try out!

I find the box packaging of 3ina items to be minimal and non excessive. You do get 6g of products for RM66. I had some money off of that since I had a voucher.

There are 2 shades in the powder highlighter - 200 and 201.

Almost all the products do not have names but just numbers to identify them.

The highlighter 200 is a pinky shade and 201 is a more golden shade. I did struggle with what shade to pick up as I have been recommended pinky highlighters but I personally prefer golden highlighters but they can sometimes be too dark.

As you can obviously tell, from the picture above, I picked up 201, the more golden highlight shade.

It is a real shame that the highlighter does not come with a small mirror as it would be really handy to have one.

The highlighter in 201 looks really golden in the pan but when swatched, is almost a champagne golden colour.

I am pleased that this swatches lighter than what it looks like in the pan, as if it swatched identically to the pan, it would be way too dark for me to wear.

It also blends out easily and beautifully. As you may be able to tell here, the glow on my arm has now highlighted the goosebumps.

I also thought I would show you how this applies on the skin. Here I have no highlighter.

I usually use a small brush to apply it onto the highpoints of my cheeks and to the nose bridge.

Here is the 3ina highlighter in 201 and I think the golden beam is really flattering without being overwhelming.

You can definitely build this glow up, but for a day to day wear, you can also have a dusting of it without worrying that all anyone can see is your highlighter.

The highlighter does not highlight texture too much unless you build it up. Usually a light wash only serves to bring light to the skin.

This may be my favourite 3ina purchase to date. I have been quite lucky that all my purchases so far has been so successful!

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