Tuesday, 19 June 2018

All About Lips #174 - Can Can's Beauty

Can Can's Beauty is a Malaysian born brand, which means I am already cheering for it, but when a brand is Malaysian and the items are actually made in Malaysia as well, it is already a double whammy. If you need your makeup to be vegetarian, you'll rest assure that these are free from animal or animal-derived products! So there's a lot going on for this brand, already, but what is the actual product and how are they like?

My items came in this black bubble pack which looks so chic and is not an unnecessarily big bulky box. Personally I am trying to be my environmentally friendly and I have been big on reusing and recycling for years now since my university days, and always appreciate it when brands help as well.

The packaging is not massive for each item even though they are not the smallest either. My boxes are slightly dinged but nothing major, just that they don't close as properly as they would have. I like the ombre gradient box packaging which really pays homage to the caramel-skinned babes.

This is the Can Can's Beauty Skin Selection Collection and you get 2 velvety matte lip creme and 1 lip glaze.

My items did arrive looking a little dried and crack and the lip glaze looked separated, which was obviously worrying and I was initially a little upset as I had thought the items were unusable.

But actually as soon as I went to take the doe foot applicator, the product was all mixed up and good to go. This is the Can Can's Beauty Skin Selection Velvety Matte Lip Creme in Caffeine Fix.

This is described as a "Midtone Orange Brown" on the website and I think it is a warm brown shade which is surprisingly wearable.

Now obviously I am not the most caramel skinned babe, but that is the beauty of makeup. I think this looks gorgeous and quite edgy on me, but would be a beautiful nudey shade on those who are more tanned.

Then we have the Can Can's Beauty Velvety Matte Lip Creme in On The Go. The doe foot applicator is actually quite long and might be trickier for some to use, but I find them alright since I own some Kat Von D liquid lipsticks and those are so long and definitely not as easy to use!

The website describes this as a "Candy Floss Pink" which I disagree. I think of super pale pink when I think of candy floss/cotton candy and this is more of a beautiful warm pink shade.

Here it is on me and this is definitely an everyday shade for me and I can already see myself wearing this all day everyday. #newfavourite

Finally we have the Can Can's Beauty Lip Glaze in Universal which is a rose gold lip gloss. This is the most beautiful of the 3 lip products and there are shimmer bits in the lip gloss. This is also the only one which has a mint blast. This is definitely not a hint of mint, it starts off subtle but is definitely there and I actually felt a bit of tingling from the mint as well. Hello bigger, fuller lips.

You can just about see the tiny flecks of shimmer when swatched on the hand.

And here it is on my lips! My first thoughts when I put this on was definitely that it reminded me of Fenty Beauty's famous Gloss Bomb! 

It has the same warm shade and micro shimmers to plump the lips. Do we have a dupe?

Here are the 3 shades swatched on my arm, and apart from wearing the shades by themselves, you can also combine them together!

So while the lip glaze is so easy to put on that you do not even need a mirror, if you do not like mint, you really will not like this. 

If you like minty glosses because they refresh your breath as well, you would love this!

These I would apply with a mirror to be safe and they are actually a moussey texture, which feels really comfortable on the lips. They look quite matte but not super matte and I think the tiny bit of of slip is what makes them so comfortable to wear. They are kiss proof as well and budge proof unless you have a super oily meal.

Like all lip products, these come off with oil but I have to say that they actually remove quite easily with a makeup wipe from my arm.

Also both velvet matte lip cremes smell like cotton candy. I don't love the vanilla scent on a lot of lip products but I don't mind them terribly. I am also not a fan of the Fenty Beauty gloss bomb sweet fruity scent, but this smells like sweets that are really delicious without being overwhelming.

Please do not be put off by Can Can's Beauty reach out to caramel skinned babes. The brand was started when the founders noticed a lack of diversity and products to cater to people with deeper skin tones, which I agree. However, I feel that the skin selection range is really wearable for many people (I am quite fair, think MAC NC25, Estee Lauder 1W2 Sand)

If you find matte brown lips a little intimidating, you can definitely wear the lip glaze in universal on top of Caffeine Fix, and voila~!

I think the gloss makes it a lot more wearable and although it is less edgy, it is also a softer look.

Obviously you can also mix On The Go with the lip glaze in Universal, which is what I have done here!

You get a glossy pink shade which is still very pretty but because On The Go is so beautiful by itself, I still think I would wear it by itself more.

Have you tried Can Can's Beauty? I am personally a fan of all 3 products I have discovered and am excited to try more from this local brand!

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