Thursday, 21 June 2018

Innisfree Makeup

I have tried innisfree makeup in the past and they have not been too successful, but these two items caught my eye and after deliberating for a few days, I decided to go back and pick it up.

So we have the innifree always new auto liner and the innifree eye contouring stick in 01.

There are many shades in this range and the one I picked up is the glittery dark green one.

The Always New Auto Liner has a screw cap which automatically sharpens the eyeliner everytime you screw and unscrew the cap. I think it is brilliant. If you need more product, you just press the bottom of the pencil and more product pops up.

Here is a swatch of the glittery olive green shade and I have not stopped wearing it since I bought it. I find the pencil to have a really good long lasting power. I am so impressed I am going to check out other shades in the range.

Then we have the innifree eye contouring stick.

I picked up the shade 1, which is a slightly pinkier shade. The rest of the shades look more brown, with some being warmer and some cooler.

This is the entire product wound up. I always wonder why makeup containers are so much longer than the actual product. I understand that there need to be a winding up mechanism but this is less than half of the entire packaging.

The front of the eye contouring stick is actually rectangular and flat but it does slowly go into a circular shape. I genuinely have no idea why there is a difference in shape in the product as you go along. Why?

The shade itself is really beautiful. I find it super wearable and have been wearing it a lot on my eyelids. Some days I wear it by itself and some days I wear it with other eyeshadows. Either way, this is a lovely product and again, I want to buy the other shades in the range because it is so creamy to blend out and the staying power is great.

Considering that the mascaras I tried previously, as well as the eyebrow pencil, have been a bit of a fail, I am super happy with how much I love these. You know you really love a product when you want to get more shades. Highly recommend!

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