Saturday, 2 June 2018


Let's talk about the XD Design Bagpack - Bobby Compact Coralette

This was a birthday present from my brother and I really like the backpack for its many safety features!

It is actually quite comfortable on the shoulders and the compactness of the backpack helps to keep posture decent.

There are so many hidden zips and compartments in this bag.

Here you can see a usb port for you to charge your phone as well. There is a usb cord inside but you do have to put your own power bank (sorry!)

It is actually a really small thing to include but so handy!

At the bottom against your back, there is another small compartment which is big enough for your passport and cash.

Here is the backpack all opened up, which is how I sometimes open it up to pack because it is just easier.

Again, many compartments inside to keep your little bits and all sorts.

This I found quite interesting, it is just a big elastic band, that helps to keep things like camera, ipad all neat.

On the other side of the backpack, is the laptop/notebook compartment.

Like most laptop flaps there is a secure bit to hold it all together.

I have even included a photo of my laptop in (I have a Macbook Air 13 inch) just to show you how it would look.

Let's go back to the outside of the bag. At the bottom of the backpack (after that little passport compartment), there is another zipper.

There is a little hidden away pink waterproof sheet!

This holds the little raincoat for the backpack!

You just pull it out and wrap it over the entire bag. and you'll be good to go even in the rain.

So earlier on you may have seen a little mini backpack looking pouch in the actual backpack, what is it?

This actually houses a little bag inside and I have put it in my everyday handbag because it is so convenient.

I opened it up, and it is actually a little carrier bag!

The carrier bag is actually decent in size and I have put my macbook air 13 inch just to give you an idea of how big it is.

So now that you have seen all the features of the bag, what do I think of it?
It is not the easiest bag to pack but because there are no zips on the outside of the bag when you are wearing it (they are all inside towards your back), the bag is pretty much super safe. You do not have to use this only at dangerous places but I have found it to be super handy. I tend to carry a smaller bag where I grab things that I need constantly but this is super convenient for me and takes away the worry of being targeted by theft. The thing is, if you wear a bag like this, you will be less likely to be targeted for theft because there are easier targets.

Do I recommend? If you can afford the bag, completely! So thank you to my big brother for grabbing this for me.

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