Tuesday, 12 June 2018

All About Lips #173 - 3INA Long Wear Lipstick in 505

I wanted to try out the 3ina makeup but did not quite know what to pick up, but at the recommendation of the sales assistant, I picked up one of their bestselling lip products, the longwear lipstick in 505!

The packaging of the 3ina longwear lipstick is really sleek. I like the matte black (rubberised?) packaging with a peek at the colour at the bottom. I do wish they had names for the colours and shades instead of just numbers (who is going to remember the shade 505, really...)

You get a standard doefoot applicator with the longwear lipstick and I find that I do not need to double dip for enough product for my entire lips.

This is the beautiful shade swatched and it does lean a lot more brick-red than it looked in the bottle.

Starting off with no lip product, so that it is easy for you to see the transformation.

The doefoot applicator is easy enough to use, but with a bolder shade like this, I would not suggest you apply it without any mirror.

I do find that the shade is deeper than my usual go-to shades, and I would not be able to wear this without any makeup on my face at all. I need at least some form of eye makeup to balance the look.

The finish is almost of a satin one, not too creamy or runny, and not so matte that your lips feel dead. It is not budge proof and will move if you go to kiss the back of your hand, but there is good levels of pigmentation and stays on through a decent (not completely oily) steak dinner.

Overall I am really pleased I picked this up as I think it is very beautiful shade and I am pleased to say that my experience with 3ina has been very positive thus far! Have you tried out this Spanish brand?

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