Tuesday, 5 June 2018

All About Lips #172 - Colourpop x Kathleen Lights Dream Team Lip Trio

Since Kathleen Lights released her newest collaboration, I had been itching to get a hold of them. While Kathleen is really super fair, I am still able to pull off most of the shades she creates. So let's check the lip products out together.

So in the Kathleen Lights x Colourpop Dream Team, you get 3 lip products, which have a special packaging and is more beautiful than the usual colourpop lip  products. I like the rose gold lid but I especially love the stars just under the lid. So beautiful!

What you actually get is 1 ultra glossy lip (lip gloss) and 2 ultra satin lips (liquid lipsticks) and the shades are all really beautiful.

Here are the swatches of the three products from top to bottom:-
Ultra Glossy Lip in Moon Child - pinky nude with gold glitter
Ultra Satin Lip in Dreamy - Peachy pink
Ultra Satin Lip in Rêver - Neon orange red

Here I am sporting the Ultra Glossy Lip in Moon Child. It is a really pretty lip gloss and goes with anything and everything. It wears off when you eat and drink, like any lip glosses, so will need reapplication.

This is the Ultra Satin Lip in Dreamy. The shade translates deeper than in the tube but is another super wearable shade. The colour never truly dries down completely matte. The pigmentation is intense but the formula will still move on the lips.

What this means is that while the colour looks really beautiful on the lips and will not dry the lips out, it is not smudge proof and if you drink or kiss someone, it will move. My experience with this is that even though you can see the lip marks on your mug, it is still on your lips as well!

Finally we have the Ultra Satin Lip in Rêver. When they say it is neon, they genuinely mean neon.

Out of all 3 shades, this is the hardest to pull off because it is so bright . I find it too bright for work and even in photography, it throws everything else into a different light by being so neon in nature. Also, I worry about bright shades like this not being completely matte and budge proof.

So 2 clear winners and 1 which I cannot decide about. What do you think about the Kathleen Lights x Coloupop Dream Team collaboration?

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