Sunday, 27 May 2018

Makeup exchange

A tiny bit of the makeup Yossy sent over as part of our makeup exchange... so if you want to see more, you have to click to read more!

I think we should take a moment to appreciate how nicely that Yossy has packaged it up for me, in a pretty pink box.

One of the first things, after the bubble wrap, is this Emina tote bag, which I have kept in my handbag ever since because it is such a handy shopping bag.

There is even a little card for me. How cute is this all?!

Yossy kindly included 3 pairs of eyelashes for me to try out.

This Silver swan one I was really intrigued by, I did have to cut them to wear as my eyes are not that big/long. They don't look that intense but on my eyes they did look very made up.

This pair I am gifting to other people as they are way too intense for my eyes and I know that when I wear false eyelashes like this, I will just end up with very droopy eyes.

These again, were a little too long for me to wear, both in the strip and the actual eyelash length. THe glue is really decent though and I have used it a few times already.

Then we have items from Make Over, which is quite a well known Indonesian brand.

Let's start with the Make Over Eye Liner Pencil in Goddess Gold.

I do not typically wear gold eyeliner but this one is really nice.

I am trying to show you here how creamy the formula is by swatching it, but do be careful because there is a risk of breaking the eyeliner as they are soft and creamy (great for your eye area).

Then we also have the Make Over Blush and Make Over Eyeshadow Palette.

First off, I like the Make Over packaging. It looks sleek and is easy to stack. It is a little bulkier than I would have preferred but I still think it is a decent packaging.

This is the Make Over Blush On in 03 Promiscious Peach. I have no idea if this is a spelling error and it is mean to be Promiscuous....

The colour is super wearable and very pretty on the cheeks. It can be a little powdery but I do a face mist to take away from that powdery finish.

Then we have the Make Over Trivia Eyeshadow Palette in Enchanting Nude Spell. You get 3 shades in the palette and all 3 work well together to create an easy, wearable eyeshadow.

Here are the shades swatched and the matte ivory can be blended out to prepare the eyelid, and then to have the peach shade all over to brighten.

The brown shade is easy to line your eyes and an easy way to add a bit of depth and definition.

I was also very kindly sent 4 of the Emina Creamatte which I was quite impressed by.

I have actually done a separate blogpost on this which you can read HERE but the formula is pretty good but the colours were not the most wearable on me personally.

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