Thursday, 3 May 2018

Integrate Mascara in Curl

This Integrate Mascara in Curl came recommended by the lovely Nicole and I trust her explicitly and tried to pick up everything I could that she had recommended. There are several different mascaras and while the old packaging is a yellow tube, this is the new packaging and I recommend getting help if you are confused.

Is this not just the weirdest wand you have ever seen? If you like volume, this is not the mascara for you.

The mascara wand is really interesting because it is actually pretty flat but curved. It also contains fibres, which I think you should be able to see quite clearly here in this photo.

This Integrate Mascara in Curl gives a really separated and lengthened lashes while golding a curl. I have no issue with smudging or crumbling so I do really like this. I love it as an everyday mascara but when I am wearing a smokey eye or a lot of makeup, I do prefer to use another mascara for more volume and more impact.

Do I like it? Yes. Is it a must have? Not quite, I like it but I will not be running out just to get it.

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