Tuesday, 1 May 2018

All About Lips #167 - Nutrimetics Prestige Gold Lipstick with Apricot Oil in Tea Rose

The Nutrimetrics Prestige Gold Lipstick is a present for my mum and I stole it for a blogpost. I feel like this can be a hashtag or series in itself. I am such a lovely daughter.

Next week's blogpost will be another Nutrimetrics product. I have not heard of this brand but since we have these products here and now, I will be talking about it as well!

The Nutrimetrics Prestige Gold Lipstick comes in a yellow gold casing and is frankly the more exciting of the two products. I think the shade is really beautiful and a pinky red that you can just build up for more intensity or wear it sheer for a hint of colour.

This Nutrimetrics Prestige Gold Lipstick has apricot oil and is in the shade Tea Rose, which is a shade name that is quite nice.

The single swipe looks almost a little more orange and when you build it up, it has more pink tones in it. I find it interesting that the colour changes when you build it up.

I do not actually know the price point since this was a present.

Here is the Nutrimetrics Prestige Gold Lipstick with Apricot Oil in Tea Rose on me.

Although when swatched at intensity it leans more pinky, it actually pulls more coral-orange on me.

Even when I build it up, the colour still has the warmth to it, which I really enjoy.

Overall, I really enjoy this Nutrimetrics Prestige Gold Lipstick with Apricot Oil in Tea Rose and would totally recommend it! It is comfortable to wear and wears off nicely.

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