Thursday, 12 April 2018

Tarte Artful Accessories Brush Set (limited edition)

This Tarte Artful Accessories Brush Set is actually a birthday present from my friend, Putu, to me. However, I received it late due to personal reasons and now after testing it out enough to write about it, it is no longer in stock!

However, I decided to write about it still, because I believe that by reading reviews on the brushes that Tarte has made before, gives you an idea and overview of the quality of their brushes. Furthermore, who knows if you have an extra set lying around or if you get it gifted to you later on!

Taking the Tarte Artful Accessories Brush Set out of the beautiful and very colourful box, you get a set of 5 makeup brushes, held together in a plastic case, inside this golden brush holder box.

The golden brush holder is really quite pretty, and due to the shape- tall and flat-ish, the best things to store in this, are brushes, as they initially intended.

Out of the 5 brushes, you have 2 eye brushes, 1 cheek brush (blush/highlight), 1 foundation brush and 1 powder brush.

All 5 brushes are made with synthetic bristles and the gold handles do not weigh down the brush but are truly a nice pop of colour to the usual black handles for brushes. I find the brushes to be well made and do not shed when washed at all.

I personally use the blending eye brush a lot as it is super soft, and the cheek brush for both highlight and blush. The powder brush I tend to use to dust off excess powder than to apply powder.

My first foray into Tarte brushes have proven to be very successful and I am delighted with the quality of brushes, so much so that I have even taken these travelling with me and I only take brushes I love with me so these have definitely met the cut!

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